Scientific and Methodological Council (SMC) is formed from a number of faculties and staff of the KAU and its work is closely cooperating with the methodological council (MC) faculties, research center (RC) laboratory educology (LE).

SMC work carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the normative acts of the MES, State educational standards, the Charter and the Regulations of KAU, scientific and methodical work.


The main tasks and activities of the SMC are:

Ø  To plan, organize and coordinate methodical activities of KAU faculties, manage in implementing the effective and quality teaching and methodological support of educational process;

Ø  To study, generalize and distribute experience of KAU and other educational and scientific institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries on the organization of educational process, teaching methods and conducting research work;

Ø  To organize and hold seminars, conferences and methodical meetings;

Ø  To discuss and make proposals on improving the normative legal documents on the development of education, the classifier of specialties and State educational standards (SES);

Ø  To introduce into the educational process modern teaching and learning materials and soft ware of the automated training systems, information management systems, information and library systems

Ø  To examine job training plans (JTP) and work training programs in accordance to the requirements of SES;

Ø  To review and approval of catalog of elective and required courses;

Ø  To monitor the educational process of educational literature and methodological developments;

Ø  To develop textbooks, teaching materials and in electronic version;

Ø  To develop and examine tests and other forms of control of students' knowledge;

Ø  questions of methodical support of independent study of students (IWS) and independent study of students under the guidance of a faculty (IWOS);

Ø  To prepare recommendations for the development of quality management and implementation of the results of methodological developments in the educational process;

Ø  To participate in attestation of faculty members and staff;

Ø  The annual submission of the list of honorary professors and faculties beyond the category to the approval of the Academic Council of KAU (teaching subjects beyond the scientific activity of KAU).


The members of SMC approved by order of the President of KAU. The composition of the SMC are:

1)     Chairman of the SMC ;

2)     Director of the Scientific Centre;

3)     Director of the library;

4)     Chairmen of Methodological Council of Colleges;

5)     Academic and Associate Professors (Chairmen of UMK specialties);

6)     Director of the Department of Distance learning and testing;

7)     Head of the Laboratory Educology.

SMC carries out its work according to the plan approved by the Vice-rector on AQ, and meets usually once every two months.


Procedure for the publication of the Research results in the Scientific Journal «Transactions of KAU».

The scientific journal «Transactions of KAU» is printed edition of KAU and included into the International Register of Scientific publications ISSN. The collection was founded in 2000 and publishes scientific works on actual problems of fundamental and applied research in the field of general, technical, economic and humanity sciences. The scientific journal is registered in the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The certificate number 11334 – F of 20 December 2010 (number and date of the primary productions at the expense №5767 – F dated February 24, 2005).

The scientific journal «Transactions of KAU» acts on the basis of registration in France: ISSN – 1563 – 1818; ISBN – 9965 – 9308-3-X.

The magazine is published in printed form 4 issues per year, with a circulation of 300 copies.

The scientific journal of the University is available online by website address:


Methodist SMC

tel .: +7 (727) 220 81 16 вн:2036