5В050600 - «Economy»

The specialty 5B050600 - "Economy" allows graduates to work in the various industries and sectors of economy. Economic education is demanded in which students receive the deep knowledge in the field of management, marketing, business economics.


An economist is a specialist who performs work for the implementation of the economic activity of the enterprise, aimed at improving the efficiency and profitability of production, on the quality of produced and the development of the new products, achieving the high performance with optimum use of the material, labor and financial resources.
He prepares the raw data for the drafting projects of economic - financial, industrial and commercial activities (business – plans ) of the enterprise in order to ensure the growth in product sales and increase the profits.
An economist participates in the formation of the economic goal setting, or the certain steps that can be solved with the help of information systems, defines the use of ready-made designs, algorithms, the software packages allowing to create the economically proved system of the economic information.
The objects of professional activity are: the organizations and companies, regardless of their type of activity, size, form of ownership and categories of participants (the residents and non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan), the organization of environmental protection and the rational nature management, different levels of educational organizations (schools, colleges) and research institutes.
Our graduates work in the economic services of public and private companies, they are good managers in different areas of the economy and also occupy positions of economists, experts and analysts.