5В050900 – «Finance»

Sphere of professional activity
The sphere of professional activity of graduates are analytical and advisory activities to enterprises of all forms of ownership in financial institutions and insurance companies, banking institutions, mortgage, leasing, factoring, brokerage, retirement, investment companies, micro-credit institutions, credit unions, in the securities market, insurance, financial and investment markets, money markets and capital markets, as well as in the scientific research institutions.

Objects of professional activity
The objects of professional activity are the property of the company, its liabilities, equity and business operations that cause changes in the composition of assets and sources of its formation, as well as activities in different industries industry-specific: public authorities (ministries and departments, Tax Committee, Statistics Agency); research institutions, organizations and companies, regardless of their organizational and legal form.

Professional activities
Bachelors should be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, obtaining, analyzing, interpreting, summarizing, assessing and reporting on the activities of the organization. Bachelor of 5B050900 - Finance can perform the following professional activities:
- Organizational and management activities. The graduate should have the skills for skilled work in the financial and tax authorities, the company, in insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions to participate in the creation of scientific and methodological, organizational and technological basis of accounting, together with other specialists develops and applies the most effective management practices, policies and procedures of organization
business, to actively participate in the activities of financial institutions in the capital market; maintain and develop the corporate image of the company;
- Production and technological activity is a prerogative for the graduates of this specialty, since the educational process requires them to a thorough examination of all issues related to the registration process of collecting and summarizing information;
- Computational and engineering graduates work carried out in the feasibility study projects with the provision of data for the analysis of the effectiveness of specialized documents (feasibility study, business plan, etc.) relating to the establishment of a new business or economic project and necessary to obtain loans, loans and other types of financial support for the expansion of activities;
- Education (teaching) activities of graduates of this profile is the professional activity in the secondary specialized educational institutions.

Functions of professional activity
- Collection of records and statistics, data processing and preparation of its managers to use in decision-making, investors, creditors, internal and external users;
- Analysis and evaluation of alternative solutions for pricing, investment, production methods;
- Management and control of the activities of the organization as a whole;
- Verification of compliance with accounting legislative and regulatory acts, as well as advisory services (audit and consulting activities);
- Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
- Preparation of the consolidated financial statements;
- Preparation of tax returns and filling of tax declarations;
- Restoration and translation of accounting in accordance with IFRS;
- Development of regulations governing accounting (normative-methodical activity).

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