Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

5В071900 – «Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications»

You can not call an area of life where they would not use the achievements of science and technology industry, dedicated to electronic systems, radio systems and telecommunications. Achievements in this field are impressive: the mobile and satellite communications, broadcasting and television, computer and information systems, global network Internet - this is difficult to imagine modern life without all of this. All these are areas of activity of specialists in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications. Directions of the professional activity of specialists in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications include the development and operation of telecommunications systems, TV and radio broadcasting, radiolocation and navigation, radio control, mobile communication, radio transmission and radio reception of the television and sound signals, electronic and computer systems and, systems controlled by microcontrollers and microcomputers.

The objects of professional activity of graduates of this specialty are all branches of the state economy exploiting:
• communication networks and communication systems;
• multi-channel telecommunication systems;
• radio communication systems and devices, including the radio relay, satellite and mobile communications;
• systems and devices of sound and television broadcasting and multimedia equipment;
• electronic systems, including computer systems of management for transmitting objects, processing and displaying information;
• facilities of the information security of telecommunication systems and networks.
Our graduates successfully apply themselves in the field of service – operational, mounting - commissioning, calculated – designed, industrial – technological, experimental – research spheres of the professional activity. Today, students of the Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications specialty are working in the following organizations: Kazakhstan RKTRK, "Khabar" agency, Almaty OTD - branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC, Kazcentrelectroprovod LLP, ALTEL JSC, Kazakhtelecom JSC, Almatytelecom MTC, ALOOTelecom LLP, Alsi LLP, DosTelecom LLP, Astel LLP, Mobile Telecom Service LLP, NURSAT JSC, INFRA-COM LLP, LLP, KazNipienergetikiisvyaz LLP, Kaztranscom JSC, Technical Bureau LLP, Alarm Systems, Basis Telecom LLP, etc.
In the above-mentioned companies students will take various types of practices in order to acquire the skills of organizational and operational activities.
Prospects for the graduate - Bachelor of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications are the most optimistic. These professionals are faced with the important goals of modernization and expansion of the national telecommunications network in Kazakhstan, construction of new fiber-optic lines, the commissioning of new digital ATS (Automatic Telephone Station). By 2020, Kazakhstan expects to put into orbit the Earth five communications satellites that will give great opportunities to develop the satellite communication. The large-scale modernization of the country's electro power industry will be made through the implementation of the modern telecommunication technologies and the creation of a global corporate information network.