5В090200 – «Tourism»

The sphere of tourism is a new structure for our Republic that is why nowadays the specialty of «Tourism» is the most attractive one сonsequently the issue about the provision of this field of economy with qualified personnel is acutely raised.

The professional activity of the Bachelor`s tourism is aimed on the improving of the management processes of the tourism companies and organizations in the conditions of the tourism in Kazakhstan, the study of the tourism opportunities of our country and foreign market of the tourist services in order to optimize the system of the current and future planning, the implementation of modern methods of the tourist service and the information technology, the improving the quality of the tourist product, the training personnel of the middle link for the tourist enterprises.

The graduates of the specialty "Tourism" will be aware of the factors affecting the supply, the demand on the tourist market, on the income of the tourist businesses, the historical development of the tourism, its specific forms in developed and developing countries , about the problems and prospects of the tourism development in Kazakhstan, the basic concepts of the personnel management, the principles of marketing research, on the types and forms of the international legal responsibility, the international standards of the human rights, the structure of the tourist enterprise, the main characteristics of the tourism infrastructure, the licensing rules of tourism enterprises and the tourist insurance; to possess the methods and techniques of the specific research in the field of tourism, the financial management skills of the tourist enterprise, the tools of the marketing research, the skills of the organization of the receiving and sending tourists, and also be able to make the program of the tourist services, and organize the informative talks, to practice the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, make contracts with the companies, contact with the foreign partners, to organize the work with the partners on the tourism and enjoy the different kinds of tools of the market research in their practice, define the object of the touristic show and the ability to display their visit, to find the partners in the international market.

Our graduates are in demand in the famous tourist companies and hotels in our country.