Translation Studies

5В020700 – «Translation studies»

The objects of professional activity of graduates of the specialty are: culture institutions, international organizations, various informative-analytical services, ambassadors and departments, tourism agencies, publishing houses, translation bureaus and institutions.
The objectives of professional activity of the specialty in accordance with the fundamental and specialized preparation are: texts of original of different styles in all types and genres of translation, guide books and other sources of information (Internet, electronic dictionaries).
A translator has to provide professional written (full or review) translation and oral (consecutive) translation for organizations, that carry out external political, economical, scientific-cultural relations of the republic with other states; in various fields of economics; in the sphere of international tourism; in informative-analytical services and agencies.

Catalog of disciplines

Our graduates work are doing well in the fields of administrative management, international relations, education and science, in the sphere of cultural and intercultural links and publishing business. They are good specialists of the branch. Annually, students of our specialty practice in the language centers and organizations of Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan. They are StudyInn, EduStream, ELC, the translation academy "Dialogue", as well as translation offices, travel agencies and many other institutions where the work of our students is in demand.