5B030100 – «Jurisprudence»

Have you ever been interested in human rights prescribed in legislation of our Republic? Would you like to introduce with all branches of state power? Would you like to become a person able to protect human rights and implement justice?
You can know and implement all of this and even more having become a student of the law department at Kazakh-American University. We have excellent teaching staff, all of them are experts in their work. On lectures and seminars you can get knowledge about such professions and state positions as a judge, advocate, Public Prosecutor, notary, as well as activity of executive and legislative state bodies, you will be able independently simulate civil and criminal trials. Also you can participate in activity of “Zakon-Info”, the Students’ Scientific Society and make experiments in an equipped laboratory of criminalistics.

In future the given specialty can help to claim to the great number of professions and state positions and the main thing is that you will be familiar with the Law.
And don’t forget you can implement such types of professional activity as:
1. Organizational and managerial activity in state bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. Law-enforcement activity in bodies of internal affairs, agency on affairs of state service and counteraction to corruption.
3. Juridical and consulting activity in the capacity of an advocate, counsel.
4. Pedagogical activity in educative institutions of secondary and secondary professional education.

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