The list of positions that may be performed by a specialist with the qualification " Journalist": a correspondent, a reporter, a literary specialist, a press secretary assistant, a press officer, a columnist, a commentator, the news presenter, a  moderator, a producer, an editor,a deputy editor, a chief of department, an executive secretary, a journalist, an essayist, a satirist, a specialist in public relations, the communications infrastructure manager, an expert informant, a speechwriter,a web editor, an editor-specialist, a publicist and others.

The objects of the professional activity of the graduates majoring 5B050400 "Journalism", are:

• domestic and foreign electronic and  print media;

• domestic and foreign news agencies and news services at the state and independent bodies;

• domestic and foreign publishing houses and printing systems;

• the press service of domestic and foreign public, private and public organizations;

• structures and divisions of public relations in Kazakhstan and abroad;

• political, sociological and marketing research and consulting organizations of Kazakhstan and foreign countries;

• advertising agencies

• structures of the network information

• market of the entertainment services and shares .



Subjects of the professional activity of the graduates of this specialty is to inform society, the formation of public awareness, collection, processing and dissemination of information, detection, investigation and to report to the public the actual problems of humanity, a competent commentary and analysis of various social situations, information management, and the establishment of an information partnership, creation of advertising materials, production work, drafting and editing texts.



Our graduates are successfully employed in various media in our country, they show themselves as good journalists, editors, PR managers, reporters on TV, radio and newspapers.



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