Procedure of admission for distance learning programs

1. Kazakh-American University (hereinafter – KAU) realizes educational training of bachelor’s degree students using distance educational technologies on following specialties:
5В050600 - Economics
5В050800 - Accounting and audit
5В050900 – Finance
5В030100 - Jurisprudence
5В020200 - International relations
5В020700 – Translation proficiency
5В071900 – Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications
2. Prospective students of distance learning program can be:
1) individuals, studying on the basis of technical and vocational, post-secondary and higher education;
2) individuals with limited physical abilities on all educational levels, including disabled children, I and II group invalids;
3) individuals, participating in exchange higher education programs abroad, except “Bolashak” scholarship winners;
4) individuals, joined the military (only for higher education program students);
5) individuals, went to long-lasting (more than 4 month) abroad business trip (only for higher education program students).
6) working experience on chosen specialty is an obligatory condition.
3. Individuals who want to study using distance educational technologies submit an application form to President of KAU’s name along with a motivated explanation of possibilities to study by distance learning program and confirming documents:
1) for individuals who work in accordance with graduate specialty – reference from work place;
2) for disabled children - recommendation of psychological and pedagogical consilium.
4. Applications are considered in five calendar days. The order of admission to KAU for distance learning program has to be signed in two calendar days.
5. Following documents must be attached to the admission order:
1) application form;
2) individual study plans of student;
3) individual educational training program schedule for each student;
4) recommendations of medical, psychological and pedagogical consilium on possibilities of disabled children to participate in study process using distance educational technologies.
KAU provides students with study plan and schedule of study process within 2 calendar days after the order of admission is signed.