Procedure of admission for master’s degree program
1. Master’s degree in Kazakh-American University (hereinafter KAU) can be obtained by individuals who have completed higher educational programs on following specialties:
6М050600 – Economics
6М050700 – Management
6М050700 – Management (MBA)
Admission to the KAU for master’s degree program is carried out through the placement of state educational request (educational grants) for scientific and pedagogical staff training, as well as personal funding and other sources.
       Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan State shall ensure the provision of the right to receive on a competitive basis in accordance with the state educational order free postgraduate education if the education they receive at this level for the first time, except for military and special schools.
       Individuals without citizenship, permanently living in Kazakhstan can receive free postgraduate education on a competitive basis within the framework of state educational request if education at this level is received for the first time.
       Right to receive free postgraduate education on a competitive basis for foreign students within the framework of state education request is regulated by international agreements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
             4. Admission for master’s degree program indicating the preparation of specialties announced through mass media not later than fifteen calendar days before the date of receiving the documents., doctoral universities, residency of universities and research organizations can be submitted from 10 to 30 July.
       7.  Application form with copies of contracts and payment receipt are attached to students file. The original of contract is send to financial-economic division.             
8.  10. within the framework of state budgetary request on Admission for master’s degree programIndividuals who have received certificates of education in foreign educational institutions, for admission to a master's degree in educational organizations Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the received level of education and training necessary to pass the procedure of recognition or nostrification of documents about education.
Documents about education issued by foreign educational organizations in the framework of international treaties (agreements) are recognized on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Individuals applying for master program submit following documents to the Admission Committee of the university:
medical certificate of health – form №086-У8) list of research and scientific-methodical works (if available).are the authorized body in the field of education, health and culture within 10 calendar days of the final report on the organization and conduct of admission, as well as copies of orders on enrollment in master's, and doctoral residency at the state educational order.
Persons entering to the master program, takes entrance exams:
1) one of foreign languages (English, French, German; Arabic language for those entering the specialty, requiring knowledge of the Arabic language);
      2) according to specialty.
 17. Examination Committee on specialties is formed from the staff of the as observers, the representatives of the authorized body in the field of education.
-English: Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm (TOEFL ITP – not less than 460 points), Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT, a threshold point - not less than 87), (TOEFL зaisе (DELF, levelВ2), Diplome Approfondi de Langue franзaisе (DALF, levelС1), Тest de connaissance du franзais (TCF - not less than 400 For the period of entrance exams to master's the       
       19. Entrance exams on a foreignlanguage are takenaccordance with the technologies developed by the National Centre of Testing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
appeal Committee.
The Chairman and the Republican appeal Commission are approved by the order of authorized body in the field of education.
The composition of the appeals Committee at the created to review applications of persons who do not agree with the results of entrance examinations.
An applicant who does not agree with entry examination results has a right to submit a written appeal. Written request is send to the Appeal Committee. The written appeal can be submitted before 1 p.m. of the next day after results were declared and considered by the Appeal Committee in one day since the request was sent.
26. , who filed the appeal, provide an identity document.
27.Decisions of theAdmission to the university for master’s degree program is carried out by the admission Committee of the University.
In case of identical indicators of competitive points, pre-emptive right for admission receive persons having the highest evaluation in the specialty, in the case of the same indicators of the entrance examination in the specialty, the pre-emptive right to receive persons who are most appreciated in foreign languages. Then take into account scientific advances relevant to the chosen function: scientific publications, including the rating of scientific publications; evidence of scientific research; certificates to award fellowships, grants; certificates / diplomas for participation in scientific conferences and competitions.
Admission of persons to targeted training of masters and doctors of philosophy (PhD) at the state educational order is carried out on a competitive basis among persons applying for this training.
Undeveloped places on the state educational order, including target, returned to the authorized body in the field of education, health and culture in the form of a proposal for the further redistribution between universities in the specialty section until 5 September.
In this case, first of all, satisfied the application of universities with applicants with the highest scores on the results of entrance examinations in the relevant specialty. In the absence of bidders in a given specialty, the redistribution is carried out within the group of specialties. On the basis of the Commission's decision before September 30 issued a corresponding order of the authorized body.