According to the Law of Kazakhstan "On Education" (27.07.2007) and the Bologna Declaration in the Republic of Kazakhstan declared a three-tier system of higher and postgraduate education based on three main programs: "Bachelor", "Master", "Doctor."
Moreover, access to follow-up program involves the successful completion of the previous one.
Content of the professional syllabi of the higher education assumes learning of the comprehensive, basic and major disciplines cycle. Every cycle consists of disciplines of the compulsory component and optional component.
Higher basic education (Bachelor’s program) with four years duration of study, acknowledged through the qualification and academic degree of “Bachelor” award to the person who has successively passed the final examination.
The undergraduate program provides basic vocational training in their chosen specialty. A graduate receives the common fundamental hands-on training. When applying for a job gives the right to occupy the post for which the qualification requirements provided by higher education, and entitles you to continue training in a magistracy.