Address of the KAU President

I welcome You to my blog where we can converse on any issues relating to our university’s life.
In my blog You are able to ask Your questions to me personally.
It’s not necessary to make an appointment in order to have a question of Your concern answered now; You should simply leave Your comment on the blog page.
Every appeal will be considered.
There is special time in my working day schedule allotted for work with the blog. Your advices and feedbacks will allow to optimize our work.
I’ll try to answer all Your questions and also to do my best in order to solve the problems indicated by You.




Dear Yana! 

Our university provides education in following specializations:
- International relations
- Translation major
- Tourism
- Journalism
- Finance
- Economy
- accounting and Audit
- Jurisprudence
- Radio Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications
- Computers and Software
This year the tuition fee when studying at the “C*” category (Russian language of instruction with increase of English language instruction with each subsequent year) – 375,000 tenge, and at the “B” category (English language of instruction) – 430,000 tenge. Yet we cannot say what will be the price for the next academic year but we don’t think it will grow much. For those making payments within certain terms we provide discounts, we also consider a possibility of personalized schedule provision as for the tuition fee payment.  
Passing score at the UNT or CTA certificates is 50 points. You must remember that there are appropriate subjects to be chosen for every specialization when passing UNT!
More detailed information on the specializations, rates for the services, allowances and discounts for the education can be found on the site when clicking the “Applicant” banner.
To be enrolled to our university You should apply to the Admission committee with the package of required documents to the (list can be found on the KAU site) from June 20, 2012.
Good luck!
Best regards, 

Admission committee 


Hello Raushan! Primary school: 0 (preschool) – 4th years of school. Children are admitted to the preschool at 5 years of age. Time of staying at School affiliated with KAU from 8.30 to 4.20, five days a week. There is a transportation provided. Tuition fee is 75,000 tenge per month (transportation is optional at extra charge – 15,000 tenge). There is a discount system available about which You may read in the KAU site if You enter the page “UNESCO associated School affiliated with KAU”, section “For an applicant”, “Tuition fee”, “Free of charge services, allowances and discounts”. Admission committee.



   You have to submit documents before July 20. List of documents:  education certificate; certificate of the foreign language test passing (TOEFL or IELTS where available), if You haven’t any then while submitting documents You’ll be instructed where and how should You pass the entrance exams in foreign language; photo 3х4 - 6 pieces; medical statement form No.086 with the photofluorography; TRN copy; personal ID copy; personal record card and a document confirming the working career.

        2) Instruction shall be in English (“B” category) and Russian (“C*” category)
        3) Tuition fee at the “B” category – 620,000 tenge per year, at the “С*” category – 540,000 tenge. Duration of study – 1.5 years 
        4)  Academic schedule for the fall semester of 2012-2013 academic year You can get on September 1.

        2) Обучения проводиться на английском языке (категория "В") и русском языке (категория "С*")

        3) Стоимость обучения по категории "В" - 620 000 тенге в год, по категории "С*" - 540 000 тенге. Срок обучения - 1.5 года 

4)  Расписание занятий на осенний семестр 2012-2013 учебного года Вы можете получить 1 сентября.


Yes, it is possible to obtain second university degree in the “Jurisprudence” specialization in KAU.

If You choose full-time mode of education the duration of Your study will be 2 years, if a part-time mode is selected, then 3 years.
In order to be transferred from other institution of higher education You have to come to KAU to the Registrar’s office with Your academic transcript during the period of holidays (it will be summer then). You’ll be forwarded to the dean’s office to determine the academic difference and if it does not exceed 5 disciplines then Your further actions will be: 1) obtain a written consent of Your institution’s rector for the transfer to KAU; 2) this application bearing the institution’s seal and an original copy of the transcript You should submit to the KAU Registrar together with the difference earlier determined for You by the dean’s office; 3) fill out all the corresponding documents in the KAU Registrar’s office; make payment within 3 days.
The terms of education will be informed to You on-site in the Registrar’s office or in the dean’s office.
I wish You good luck!


  Dear parents of students of the School affiliated with KAU! You have a right to familiarize Yourself with the School Statute! However this document cannot be sent to email. You are kindly requested to come to the KAU building to the reception office of the President of the NNE KAU and to read the Statute in the DSCD (Documentation support and control department), headed by Khadzhiyev I.I., after signing in the special record book. Thank You!


Hello! When employing a teacher to the School affiliated with KAU every pedagogue shall give an open lecture at which the administration of either School or KAU and the President himself are present. Four times per month the teacher’s lessons are attended by a committee comprising of the specialists –teachers of the same subjects, administrator and pedagogue from other methodic association. Twice a year the President of the KAU NNE personally gives hearing to the open lectures of all the teachers and instructors executed in Power-Point and using the multi-media boards. Thank You!



As You are a citizen of the RF and You’ll graduate school in the RF then You will pass not UNT but a CTA. Term of the documents submission for You shall be before July 01, 2012. List of the documents You may upload from the KAU site; You shouldn’t pass any additional exams.


Good day!

Student shall have right to restore during the period of holidays: for the full-time mode of education – before August 25 – in summer, and before January 15 – in winter; for the part-time mode of education – before December 25.


You have to file an application within the specified period and to determine your restoration year (depending on the academic difference as per the curriculum)
Best regards,
The Registrar


17 busses cannot and should not almost simultaneously ride in the School yard as a part of pupils come on foot and this creates a serious danger either for the pedestrians or for the students getting out of the busses. Dear parents! We ask You not to forget to give Your children umbrellas and in autumn and in winter to ensure they wear their headwear. Thank You, Administration of KAU.


As of the 2011-2012 year we have 108 students in total who study at the government grant. There is the founders’ scholarship in KAU – “Scholarships”. It is granted twice a year following the results of examination session and in view of the academic performance and social status of the student. Students of KAU take part in the competitions for the title of “The Student of the Year in Kazakhstan”.


We have 10 teachers with a degree of Professor in our stuff.

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