Address of the KAU President

I welcome You to my blog where we can converse on any issues relating to our university’s life.
In my blog You are able to ask Your questions to me personally.
It’s not necessary to make an appointment in order to have a question of Your concern answered now; You should simply leave Your comment on the blog page.
Every appeal will be considered.
There is special time in my working day schedule allotted for work with the blog. Your advices and feedbacks will allow to optimize our work.
I’ll try to answer all Your questions and also to do my best in order to solve the problems indicated by You.




Hello Ablimit! When choosing geography as Your 5th subject for the UNT You’ll have an opportunity to study in KAU in the following specializations: Tourism, Economy, Finance, Accounting and Audit. Government education grants shall be provided by the MES of the RK. You are required to take part in a competition; everything depends on the score You’ll manage to gain at the UNT. There are students in KAU holding the government education grants. KAU has its own internal scholarship allowing to study on a free of charge basis for a certain period; to get it You have to participate in competition as well. We wish You Good luck! Admission committee.



Hello Alina! The dormitory shall be provided for every non-resident student if the space is available (generally we secure all the students), accommodation is free. The UNT is to be passed on a compulsory basis if you are a citizen of the RK. Good luck! Admission committee




Dear Sergali Kurman!
I’m afraid that with no transcript of academic records of your child study provided we are not able to consult You on this question.
To be enrolled to study at KAU for the next academic year You are required to submit a transcript and make a decision on the further study by 15.08.13.
For the detailed consultation You may call the number 226-80-00.
Good luck!
Admission committee.


Hello Turanova G.A.! Rate is 430,000 tg per year. Enrolled for 2011-12 ac. year. Expelled subject to the rule 162 d.d. 09.02.12 for the academic failure (according to the academic calendar the 2nd semester studies started on 30.01.12). Paid: 215,000 tg (on 23.08.11 money order No. 16059040), 215,000 tg (on 15.12.11 money order No. 17136095). Accrued: 1 sem. – 215,000 tg, no debt, 2 sem. – 215,000 * 25% = 53,750 tg. (pursuant to the Cl. 4.2 of the Enrollment agreement No. 11-ФОГН-060 dated 10.08.11), no debt. Amount of overpayment to be reimbursed: 215,000 – 53,750 = 161,250 tg.                        

Best regards, FED
Hello Gaukhar! As per the Cl. 1.2 of the Enrollment agreement No. 11-ФОГН-060 dated 10.08.11 the amount reimbursement is possible after deduction of 25% (twenty five percent), since the 2nd semester studies started on 30.01.12, and expulsion resulted on 09.02.12 (11 days after)                  
Best regards, FED


Hello Askhat! Applications from the entrants to the Master’s program shall be submitted from June 20 to July 20.

Entrants to the Master’s program shall pass the entrance exams: 1) in one foreign language (English, French, German);
2) in specialization.
The entrance examinations in foreign language, Kazakh and Russian shall be passed according to the technologies developed by the National Center of Testing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The entrance exams resitting is not allowed.
The entrance exams shall be conducted from 1 to 20 of August, enrollment – till August 31.
TO BE ENROLLED TO THE MBA PROGRAM: previous education level – higher basic (Bachelor’s program), higher vocational education, proved by an official document as well as internship experience for at least 2 years. Duration of study – 1.5 years.
Question: Whether it is possible for me to be admitted to Your MBA program with my diploma?
Answer: Yes it is. If You wish to be enrolled to the unrelated specialization, then upon the mastering and prerequisites (disciplines determined by our institution of higher education) passing You’ll be admitted to the desired specialization on a fee paying basis.
Question: Is there a Russian language instruction available?
Answer: Yes it is, provided that there is a group of at least 5 students.
Question: What tuition fee is set for the Master’s program?
Answer: Tuition fee is set in two categories: Russian-English category – 585,000 tg (five hundred and eighty five thousand tenge), English category – 620,000 tg (six hundred and twenty thousand tenge) per year.
Question: What’s duration of study at the Master’s program – is there a field (1 year) study provided?
Answer: 1 year – field program (study in related specialization after the Bachelor’s program completion); 1.5 years – in the MBA program; 2 years – research-pedagogical program. Best regards, Admission committee.


Hello Marina! Upon the completion of the ACC affiliated with KAU You can be enrolled already to the 2nd year provided that You have passed comprehensive testing (CT) and gained required score. Documents for the CT are to be submitted before 01.07.12. We wish you good luck! Best regards, Admission committee.


Hello Yekaterina! 1. Upon the completion of the ACC affiliated with KAU You can be enrolled already to the 2nd year provided that You have passed comprehensive testing (CT) and gained required score. Documents for the CT are to be submitted before 01.07.12. 2. To arrange Your travel to America you should since Your first year contact the KAU International department who will consult You on all issues concerning the study abroad arrangement. They go to America on their final year. Tuition fee depends on the institution of higher education You choose and whether Your specialization is relevant. The price You have specified may be true indeed, it shall be paid in full solely by the student, no discounts are provided on our part unless You travel due to any special program that may be established as of the time in question. We wish you good luck! Best regards, Admission committee.



Hello Gulzhana! 1. Our specializations: International relations, Journalism, Translation major, Tourism, Economy, Finance, Accounting and Audit, Jurisprudence, Computers and software, Radio Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications. 2. Tuition fee for those admitted in 2012 was 375,000 tenge (partially English language of instruction) and 430,000 tenge (English language of instruction). 3. For the students admitted in 2012 the passing score was 50. In the KAU site after You click the “Applicant” icon You can get more detailed information. We wish You good luck! Best regards, Admission committee


You should apply to the Registrar’s office on the phone number 309-91-52; when restoring the academic transcript You have to pay 2,000 tenge to the KAU LLP (payment purpose code – 6), file an application for the restoration addressed to the President and send an original copy of the payment receipt. Afterwards the Documentation support and control department will send You the duplicate of Your academic transcript by mail. However we shall not be held liable for its safety.


Dear Akbota! There are educational programs in KAU provided based on the higher education obtained in the following specializations: Accounting and Audit; Finance; Economy; Jurisprudence; Computers and software; Radio Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications; International relations; Journalism; Translation major; Tourism. Required documents: original copies of the diploma and academic transcript attached; personal ID, TRN and IIN copies; photo 3х4, 6 pieces and its digital version; medical statements of the standard form. The rest of documents shall be filled at the KAU Admission committee. Term of the documents’ submission: no later than on 20.08.12. Tuition fee for the 2012-2013 ac. year was: – full-time mode of education: 375,000 tenge (English and Russian language of instruction); 430,000 tenge (English language of instruction); – part-time mode of education: 225,000 tenge (English and Russian language of instruction); 260,000 tenge (English language of instruction); Rates for the new academic year may be changed. Best regards, Admission committee


Hello Tatyana!

Here are the answers to Your questions:
1) Session for the part-time education mode shall be held once a year, generally from January 3 to February 10.
2) Duration of Your study will be 3 years; if You choose the “B” category then upon completion of Your education You’ll obtain 2 diplomas of KAU, one internationally and one – nationally recognized, irrespective of the specialization chosen.
3) Session shall be held at the same time for every student o the part-time education program.
I’d like to recall that this year when being admitted upon the college completion You will be required to pass comprehensive testing of the applicant pursuant to the new rules. Documents shall be submitted before July 9, 2012
Admission committee. 


Dear David Lik!

It does not matter for us what country has a student came from. There are certain criteria for the foreign students; if You meet all the requirements then You are welcome to our university!
To be admitted You need:
1) notarized copies of passport, education certificate (with transcript), license of the educational institution (that have issued the education certificate) – further You’ll need to validate Your education certificate here in Astana; in the event of refusal to provide such procedure to You we won't be able to teach You;
2) documents are to be submitted to the Admission committee before 9.07.12 (compulsory medical examination shall be passed in Almaty)
3) afterwards within the period between July 17 and 23 You have to take comprehensive testing of the applicant in 5 subjects: Kazakhstan history, mathematics, Russian, Kazakh, optional subject (depending on the specialization chosen, for instance, for the “Economy” specialization it will be geography). Testing is to be passed only in Russian or Kazakh language; in total Your score for the 4 subjects should be at least 50 (at least 4 points in each discipline, and at least 7 points in optional subject).
4) payment shall be made before August 25, minimum price – 375,000 tenge plus 50% of the abovementioned amount for the foreigners.
Only in this case You can be admitted.
Good luck!
Admission committee.

Hello Zhan Shami!
When on site You should click the “Almaty College affiliated with KAU” tab and then enter the “Applicant” section. There You will find information on every specialization of our College. Last year the tuition fee was 250,000 tg, this year it may be increased by 15% although the rates haven’t yet been approved. Upon the 9th year of school completion You will study for 3 years, upon 11th – for 2 years. To be admitted You have to submit Your documents to the Admission committee. The list You can find in the “Applicant for the ACC affiliated with KAU” section.
Good luck!
Admission committee



Good day Zhannat! I congratulate Your son on the successful UNT pass! You can seek for the admission to the specializations of “Computers and software” and “Radio electronics, Electronics and telecommunications”. To win a government grant You have to participate in competition; following the results of such competition the Ministry of Education and Science will award the government grants. You may take part in the competition for the KAU Scholarships award as well (terms you can find in our site, “Applicant” section). Admission committee


Hello Hasen Duisebay!

You should come to the Registrar’s office with Your academic transcript.
Your GPA must be at least 2.0, and the amount of passed and completed credits – at least 15.
In this case You may seek for the restoration in the 2nd year.
It’s not necessary for You to pass entrance exams but You must have the UNT certificate corresponding to the year of Your admission to the institution of higher education.
Admission committee


Hello Gulnara Niyazbekova!

I would advise You to file an application for the government grant. This will require you to complete an application form at the Admission committee.
Concurrently You should participate in the competition for our internal grant – the KAU Scholarships.
To get detailed information on the terms of this competition You can in the site, “Applicant” section, or in the Admission committee: 226-80-00.
Your child will receive special monthly subsidies from KAU as for the orphan.
Admission committee


Dear Akzhunis!

We congratulate You on the successful UNT pass!
You've got enough score to be admitted to our university (if I’m not wrong, You have 10 points in Russian and 10 points in mathematics).
You need not to pass any more entrance exams.
To take part in the competition for the government grant award You have to complete a special application form at the Admission committee in July.
It’s a republican competition and Your score is not so high but nevertheless You may try.
We have our internal grant – the KAU Scholarships. All the terms You will be explained in the Admission committee.
Looking forward to seeing You, documents are to be submitted from 10.06.12.
Admission committee!


Good day Aigerim!

The School affiliated with the Kazakh-American University (School affiliated with KAU) has an “English” subject introduced to the syllabus starting with the 1st year of.
Starting with the 7th year of school teaching is provided exclusively in English.
Best regards,
Admission committee


Hello Nikita!

Thank You for choosing our university!
To be admitted to the 1st year of any specialization You are required to pass on a compulsory basis not the UNT but the Comprehensive testing of the applicant (CTA).
You have to select a specialization and choose a corresponding 4th subject for the CTA passing.
You should submit You documents to the KAU Admission committee before July 09, 2012, otherwise You won’t able to take part in CTA this year.
Prior to the CTA conducting we carry out compulsory consultations in every discipline within the CTA.
Good luck!
Best regards,
Admission committee. 

7 september 2011
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