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19.03.2012 Адиль
It would be good if there was a list of teachers of KAU in the site, sometimes I wish to enter the site and just say, “Hello”. Almost 10 years have passed since the time of graduation. Particularly send my best to Galiya Mertayevna and Kulyaikhan Tulegenovna. We even had a genuine diplomat Kurmanguzhyn S.A.; lectures in diplomatic protocol were unforgettable))))) The dormitory head was Sofya Kurbanovna with the orange Moskvitch. Yeah, it was a time..........
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attention!!! we announce competition!!!

The International Department of KAU is pleased to announce the launch of the competition for studying 2 (two) places at Kookmin University in South Korea for the period Fall 2018!
Application deadline is 28th of May 2018