Center of practice, career and public relations

The Center of practice, career and public relations, career and public relations was established in order to provide assistance to the students with regard to practical skills in their specialization obtaining during the study and upon graduation from the university.

The CPC&PR carries out activities aimed to improve the image of KAU; constantly widens the range of prospective employers.


In order to achieve its purposes the CPC&PR conducts advertising and information campaigns (announcements, deliberations with the advisers, meetings with the students, etc.); exercises creation of the database of companies and job seekers, interviews them, prepares and posts the notices of open positions.


Additionally, the companies’ presentations and annual “Job fairs” are held to which foreign and local companies, joint ventures as well as governmental organizations are invited.


There are quite a number of foreign entities, joint ventures and banks in Kazakhstan with which the CPC&PR has been cooperating for a long time, among them KazInvestBank, CenterCredit Bank, Study Inn, BTA Bank; Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and KPMG audit firms; Kazaktelekom and KazPost government-owned enterprises as well as other leading companies of Kazakhstan.


Forward-looking companies are interested to choose in advance the students on whom they may place a bet in future, yet prior to their study completion.

One of the primary tasks is arrangement of business-seminars for the students: composing curriculum vitae and a covering letter; the interviewing technique – ability to show one’s best side; business etiquette; office work (in 3 languages).

 The internship, career and public relations center carries out employment of students in following ways: full-time employment for the period of holidays; part-time employment; employment of students upon the graduation from the university (either in Kazakhstan or abroad).


Apart from that many students of KAU and the School affiliated with KAU have an opportunity to practice, undertake internship with the firms and individuals during the holidays in the capacity of interpreter, manager apprentice, assistant, etc. There is no doubt that this all will help the younger generation to get the best results and obtain useful skills in future.


Graduates of KAU are the most competitive and are employed by the leading companies of Kazakhstan, hold high positions in business, international organizations at the level of top managers and middle managers.


Tel: 8 (727) 220 81 13 (2080)