The computer-technical center distance education and testing department (СЕС-DETD) constitutes the structural subdivision of KAU.

 Today the CEC-DETD is a school-supporting and cultural-educative branch of KAU providing educational services to the academic staff, students, applicants to KAU by way of use of modern information and educational technologies, and providing academic and information-technological assistance for the teaching process in KAU optimization, introduction of test-rating system for the academic performance control. 

The CEC-DETD performs a wide range of various tasks. Among them are computer assembly and setup, setting and creation of software for the educational and administrative purposes, development and maintenance of the KAU website, administration and technical support for the server and network equipment, computer and office appliances, training seminars conducting.

Computation of the KAU activities is conducted based on the unified information and telecommunication network: there is a local network (Intranet) created with the access to the Internet covering all subdivisions of the university, academic staff, students of every mode of study; there is also wireless Internet coverage of the KAU territory. Such tasks solution is provided due to large computer stock and multimedia equipment.

 The teaching and financial processes automation systems were introduced. Students of the institution are provided with necessary technical aids and information technologies enabling them to receive a quality education.

Such tasks solution is provided due to large computer stock and multimedia equipment. All the computers of KAU are connected to a local network and have access to the Internet.

 The CEC-DETD main activities are:



1. the new innovative distance education techniques introduction;


2. provision of distance education using the intellectual potential of the academic and pedagogical staff;


3. development of electronic textbooks in association with academic staff;


4. equipment of the teaching process as well as the KAU subdivisions with the cutting edge computer appliances, up-to-date software products and telecommunication media as well as video and audio systems;


5. he students academic performance examination using modern information technologies;


6. upgrading, diagnostics and repair of the hardware, audio and video systems being used in the teaching process;



7. timely and quality service for the arranged mass events in the university.