Mathematics and computer science week in the School affiliated with KAU on April 4
time: 14:24
Место: School at KAU

The mathematics and computer science week was held in the School affiliated with KAU on April 4-8, 2011.

The aim of the event was to enhance the students’ interest in learning mathematics, develop knowledge of algorithms for the non-standard problems solving and its practical use, formation of logical thinking, ability to transfer knowledge to new irregular situation.
Within the subject week framework the teachers of mathematics Gracheva S.S. and Kirillova N.N. in cooperation with the School students prepared and carried out interesting events.
The school lobby was brightly decorated.
Wall-newspapers, students’ papers on great mathematicians as well as historical notes about the world of mathematics attracted the attention of all the students of the School.
Active discussion of charades and rebuses made by the senior students had been lasting for a whole week.
In the club of funny and inventive mathematicians students presented their teams and greeted the jury and rivals with fun and wittiness, competed in their inventiveness and ability to solve smart mathematical puzzles quickly and correctly.
Mind game “Who’ll manage to take a million?” aroused great interest among the students
8-11 years. Colorful computer game allowed to choose the most intelligent student not only having intimate knowledge in the field of mathematics and logics, but also the talent of public speaking in English.
Open lesson in physics for the students of the 10th year.
Demonstration of virtual work on “Photoelectric effect. Photoelectric threshold”.
Teachers of mathematics of the School affiliated with KAU Gracheva S.S. and Kirillova N.N.

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