The most spectacular event of the year was
time: 16:20
Место: Hotel Kazakhstan

An annual beauty contest “Queen of University-2011” was held on March 30 in the Hotel Kazakhstan.

This year 12 beautiful, talented and, what’s important smart girls-students of KAU and ACC affiliated with KAU participated in the contest.
Evening was held in classic style.
The event was opened by the “Diamond” string quartet led by Anapyanova Yu.V.
The presenters of the contest Daryn, Dinmukhamed and Lyubov did not let the whole audience be bored. Moreover the students of KAU, ACC and KazGASA pleased us with their concert items.
This year the contestants prepared for 5 contests: “Visiting card”, “Oriental dance”, “Lady-Marmalade”, demonstration of the Playlife brand collection and “Spring fairy tale”.
All the contestants were very beautiful, stunning and what’s important they all were recognized as the Queens of the contest. Nevertheless the qualified jury selected 3 the best of the best…

So, “II – Vice Queen of University-2011 was Turganova Adeliya, student of the ACC affiliated with KAU, “I – Vice Queen of University– Sushkova Svetlana, student of the 3rd year of KAU, and the 2nd year student of KAU of the “Economy” specialization – Karatayeva Alima became surely the “Queen of University-2011.

Each contestant was presented a gift from the university and sponsors.
We express much gratitude to all who took part in the arrangement of such a bright, unforgettable and spectacular show which will remain in our hearts for a long time after!!!

Odentsev Yuri
Kalibekov Batikhan


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