Functions of a financial - economic department

• Analysis of proposals concerning prospective and current plans of admission and graduation of the students, Masters.
• Development of draft staff lists of all the types of personnel and submitting them to the President and Vice-President for approval.
• Systematic analysis of financial and economic activities of every structural branch of the university according to the accounting and statistical reports data as well as based on the current data and through the on-site inspections.
• Working out actions and preparing proposals on efficient use of the labor, material and financial resources, ensuring their implementation.
• Record keeping and systematization of the governing documents on the issues of financial and economic activities, arrangement of timely examination and execution thereof.
• The university’s budget forecast charting.
•Prompt informing the Registrar’s office, deans (directors) and students of the university about the financial obligations pursuant to the agreements.
• Making estimates of incomes and expenditures in every field of the university activities.
• Booking and recording the agreements of financial nature.
• Writing a business-plan for the university (on various types of entrepreneurial activities including for the purpose of submitting upon the banks request), feasibility studies, etc.

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