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Library schedule: Monday to Friday: from 8:30 to 17:30.,

Break: 13.00 - 14.00

During the session, to work without interruption

To save an enabling environment conducive to research, all library visitors agree to abide by the rules set out below. Library staff draws visitors' attention to the rules. Violation of the order may result in suspension or denial of rights to use library services.

Ø Library organizes the issuance of the temporary use of the readers of books, newspapers, magazines and other materials available in the library.

Ø Issue of literature on the house made service department and book storage. Reading rooms provide literature for its use without the right to removal. To better serve readers, who are unable for any reason to engage in the reading rooms of the library, provides for issuance of literature in the house at "night subscription."

Ø Encyclopedias, reference books, theses, current periodicals, rare and valuable books are issued only for use in the reading rooms. Shall not be extradited to the house last and only copies stamped "legal deposit".

Ø Readers can prolong use taken to the house of books and other printed matter, and other materials, if there is no demand on the part of other readers.

Ø Upon receipt books, other printed matter and other materials readers carefully look through editions and in case of any defects reported by the duty librarian. Liability for damage to books is the last reader using the edition.

Ø Readers, who violate terms of use or cause damage to the library, bear administrative, civil (material) liability in the forms permitted by applicable law, statute and rules of library use.

Ø Readers are responsible for loss or unintentional damage to the newspaper, replace them with the same editions, or copies thereof, or publications, library recognized equivalent, and if you cannot replace - reimburse the fair market value.

1. Students and teachers of KAU  can use library .

2. The reader is served on the ID-card. When recording to the library, readers should read the Terms of Use and reaffirm the commitment of their implementation with his signature in the reader's.

3. Library organizes the issuance of readers on temporary use books and other materials available in the fund.

4. Issuance of the literature on the house made on the subscription. Literature for using in the reading room of the library, home is not issued.

5. Upon receipt books, other printed materials and other readers should carefully review the publication and in case of any defects to inform the librarian on duty, otherwise, the responsibility for damaging books carries the reader using the latest edition.

6. Each year, readers are required to re-register the library cards, the students - from 1 September. Readers, who failed to reregister, not serviced library.

7. In case of retirement (dismissal, resignation) from the University of readers are obliged to return to the library, all outstanding issues.

8. Readers are required to abide by the rules of library use,  specified in these Regulations the order of writing to the library KAU, the order of use of books and other publications derived from the library KAU, the annual re-registration procedure, the procedure for using the library facilities and subscriptions.

9. Readers are responsible for the loss or unintentional damage titles are obliged to replace them with the same publications or library equivalent recognized at cost and content.

10. Readers who violate the rules of use or damages bear administrative, civil (material) liability in a form prescribed by the current legislation of Kazakhstan, the IOC Statutes and Rules of library use.


11. Use of the library is free. The list of additional paid services provided by the library, as well as the restrictions approved by the president KAU

Terms of use reading rooms

1. It is not allowed to enter the reading room with bags, personal and library of books, magazines, newspapers, clippings of publications and other printed material.

2. Upon receipt of publications from the fund free access reader must sign for each received in the reader's edition. This signature is the documentary evidence proving the date and the fact of giving the reader a librarian books and other publications.

3. The number of books and other printed matter and other materials issued in the reading room is not limited. If there is a one-time high demand, the number of issued copies may be limited. Literature issued in the reading room of the main book depository, the reader can be booked for the entire period of its use.

4. Encyclopedias, reference books, rare and valuable publications are distributed for use only in the reading room.

5. Literature obtained for use in the reading room, must be returned during the day before the closing of the reading room. In case of violation of this rule, readers may be deprived of the right to use the library for up to 1 month. Repeat offenders - for a longer period determined by the administration of the library.

6. Stake literature from the reading room is prohibited.

Terms of use subscription

1. Readers have the right to use a subscription library, filled with the requirement of a standard form, clearly, with all necessary information.

2. Readers painted in the reader's edition for each copy obtained on subscription.

3. The period of using the literature issued at the house, and the number issued on the subscription editions are limited and defined by differentially:

4. The period of use can be extended if there is no demand for materials from other readers or reduced if the publication is available in a single copy or in high demand.

5. Within 15 days after the expiration of the period of use of printed librarian makes a reminder to return them within ten days. If printing works in this period are not returned to the library, the librarian directs the student's parents or persons in loco, a written request for their refund or replacement within two months as equivalent in content and value.

The demand shall contain a warning that in case of no return, or the inability to replace the reader will be charged on an uncontested basis the cost of these works printed in the market value of the lost books.

Terms of using the electronic resources halls and multimedia hall.

Computer room library provides its visitors the opportunity of independent work on computers.

2. The right to use the computer has all the readers of the library KAU.

3. Working on a computer is available by appointment on a sheet of applications for a period of not more than 2 hours.

4. Members of the computer before starting work and at its end are obliged to make an entry in the log book.

5. Customers are responsible for loss or unintentional damage to the database; operating system and hardware are subject to disciplinary and financial responsibility.

6. Weekly performed deletion of temporary users.

7. Do not use the computer gaming purposes.

8. If you are using Internet restrict able and loading sites with pornographic, terrorist and offensive content.


Rights and obligations of readers

1. Readers libraries have the right to:

• Free use of the main types of library and information services provided by the library;

• receive books and other sources of information for temporary use;

• receive full information on the composition of funds through the system of bibliographic information;

• receive advice in finding and selecting information sources;

• use the funds of all structural units of the library;

• make proposals to build assets and improve the work of the library.

2. Readers are required to:

• take care of the books and other printed matter and other materials obtained from the library;

• return them in a timely manner;

• Do not remove them from the premises of the library, if they are not recorded in the reader's accounts or other documents;

• Do not make notes in books;

• Do not pull or bend pages;

• Do not disturb the balance of books and magazines in the collections of open access;

• Do not remove the card from the directory and files.

The library is obliged to:

• ensure a high standard of service to readers;

• Provide assistance in choosing the readers of printed works required by recommendation of conversations and in their use of directories and files, reference lists, and other reference and bibliographic information and materials, as well as the organization of thematic book exhibitions - display new literature and other events;

• promote their funds, to develop and encourage an interest in books;

• To improve library and information service for readers, introducing computerization and advanced technology;

• maintain records, storage and use of a collection of books and other printed matter, and other materials (CDs, audio and video materials) in accordance with the established rules;

• be responsible for the safety of their funds;

• Create and maintain a library of necessary conditions for the readers;

• provide readers the necessary literature during the holidays;

• Regularly minor repair of printed works (pasting torn and drop pages, binding, cover, etc.)