Forms and ways of addressing to the administration of KAU

            Annual meetings of the President of KAU are held with the leaders of all educational groups «eye to eye». At these meetings, the students tell about their problems, and this dialogue allows to deal constructively with «touchy» issues and promotes further development of the Academy. Usually the meetings for students of internal form of training are organized in the end of September or in early October, for students of the correspondence form of training - in January.
         There is a «Direct link» of the President of KAU with students, by a written appeals (including anonymous), and the last one can be sent through special boxes installed in the lobby on the 1st floor of the Administrative training building. Students, their parents and workers of KAU can give information about abuses in the workplace anonymously, on the facts of infringement of moral-ethical norms, to submit proposals, complaints and statements. Mail removed daily and immediately sent personally to the President of KAU.
          Personal meeting with the President of KAU is held in reception days and entry has to be done in advance at the reception of the President of KAU by his assistant on the 2-nd floor (office №216).

 The facts of infringement of moral-ethical norms, corruption can be reported in person to the Registrar.
Reception hours:
Monday : from 8.30  till 13.00;  Tuesday: from 14.00 to 16.30; Wednesday: from 8.30 to 13.00; Friday: from 8.30 to 13.00.
Information for reference :
1. The police station of Bostandyk district (KazGASA belongs to this district ) is in Almaty city: house №52, №22 Orbita-1; phone: 229-04-88; 220-32-00.
2. The Department of the financial police of Almaty city: phone 2787302, 2787300