Preparation for international exams (IELTS, TOEFL) - LC offers specialized training program preparing for the exam TOEFL-IBT.

The training program consists of three independent modules: "Listening and Speaking", "Reading and Vocabulary" and "Writing and English in Use".

Each module is designed for 32 academic hours and aims at providing sustainable skills needed to succeed in the exam.

I. Module "Listening and Speaking" is aimed at developing and improving listening skills, developing strategies for effective perception of the text at the hearing, such as referencing, building logical conclusions based on listen to the information, summarizing, combining information from different sources. Students become familiar with the format and requirements for passing the unit Speaking in conditions as close to the exam.

II. Module "Reading and Vocabulary". TOEFL exam makes high volume requirements of passive academic vocabulary. Texts covering a variety of areas of knowledge from astronomy to art history, suggest examinee's ability not only to freely navigate in the subject, but also to understand the meaning of unknown words from the context, to build the logical assumptions and draw conclusions on the basis of reading. The unit is aimed at the development of a large array of specific scientific vocabulary, the study of which usually remains outside programs General English.

III. Module "Writing and English in Use" forms of students' skills of creating literate texts stylistically meet the examination requirements.

Exam preparation, specialized tools, such as:

IELTS Foundation, Achieve IELTS, Longman Complete Course for the TOEFL TEST, Exam Excellence, First Certificate Organiser, FCE Result et al.