Department of human Resources and Workflow management

The main aspect of the activity of the Human Resources Department is focused on the implementation of the work on personnel issues of all structural subdivisions of KAU, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and with observance of the rules of the internal labor regulations, the Charter and the Concept of personnel development of KAU.

Main goals:

- Selection of highly qualified personnel;

- Advanced training and retraining of personnel;

- Career planning system;

- Stabilization of human resources.

Main functions:

- Formation of the personnel policy in accordance with the development strategy of KAU and definition of measures for its implementation;

- Development of current and long-term plans for the acquisition of KAU personnel, taking into account changes in the composition of employees;

- Development of proposals for employment by competition in accordance with the procedure established by law, preparation and organization of work of the competitive commission;

- Organization of certification of employees, its methodological and information support, participation in the analysis of certification results, implementation of constant monitoring of the implementation of the decisions of the certification commission;

- Registration of reception, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with labor laws, regulations, instructions and orders of management;

- The organization of control over the state of labor discipline in the units and compliance with the rules of internal labor regulations.





Department of human Resources and Workflow management director - Raimbekova Zhanar Nabievna

tel.: +7(727) 220-81-17