The activity of the student club "Law-Info" is aimed at training experienced professionals and highly moral lawyers. The future lawyer should become an active bearer of the legal culture, ideas of democracy and justice and, consequently, successfully participate in solving problems of strengthening the rule of law, raising the legal culture and legal awareness of the population. Furthermore, professional training is one of the important stages in achievement of personhood of future specialist.

Scientific Students’ Society “Zakon-Info”
Specialty – Jurisprudence 

Scientific Students’ Society “Zakon-Info” was created on 2 February, 2007, room #408. Sessions of society are conducted twice an academic year with making protocols. The purpose of activity of the given scientific society is to teach the students to think by scientific categories, make scientific conclusions, to develop skills in making scientific research including diploma papers. The fundamental principles of activity of Scientific Students’ Society “Zakon-Info”: respect to opponent’s opinion, scientific foundation of views, tracing the last scientific achievements and changes in jurisprudence.
The head of the Scientific Students’ Society “Zakon-Info” is KAU Professor Assistant Kuatova Aida Sh. The head implements general coordination of work of the scientific society, makes a resume, gives recommendations of scientific character. The chairman of the society is elected from the group of students, the chairman fulfills the functions of the moderator of sessions and mini-conferences. The chairman is reelected by decision of the general meting of students, society members or by expiration of the term of study. The requirements to the chairman: excellent study, initiatives in the sphere of scientific activity, leader’s skills.