According to the Law of Kazakhstan "On Education" (27.07.2007) and the Bologna Declaration in the Republic of Kazakhstan declared a three-tier system of higher and postgraduate education based on three main programs: "Bachelor", "Master", "Doctor." Moreover, access to follow-up program involves the successful completion of the previous one.
Master - is a professional training program of postgraduate education, aimed at training of scientific, educational and managerial personnel with the awarding of the academic degree "Master" in the relevant specialty.
There are two types of the Master’s program provided: field (1 to 1.5 years) and academic-pedagogical (2 years).
Field Master’s program is aimed at:
Field Master’s program realizes the professional training programs of postgraduate education in management training for sectors of the economy, medicine, law, education, art, services and businesses that have in-depth training.
Scientific-pedagogical Master's degree is aimed at:
The scientific and pedagogical magistracy realizes the professional training programs of postgraduate education for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff for the system of higher and postgraduate education and scientific sphere, having in-depth scientific and pedagogical training.
Education in the master's degree programm is only full-time.
As part of the master's program 6M050700 - Management, University offers an educational program for professional MBA «Master of Business Administration".
Educational professional MBA program is an applied nature of training aimed at improving management skills and provide comprehensive training of professional managers (managers), covering all major aspects of the management of the organization (both external and internal).
The purpose of education is to prepare MBA senior and middle management level, with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of business, which enables efficient management of organizations or their structural divisions in all areas of business, providing for self-management tasks integrated,cross-functional character.