- the generation and implementation of the world's best educational standards and technologies in the national educational system based on the integration of education, science and industry;
- advanced training of professionals focused on leadership and aimed at industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Vision: The Kazakh-American University claims to be the leading Kazakhstani university, which is an educational, scientific and cultural center (a multilevel educational, scientific and innovative complex uniting education, science and production) of an international level, actively influencing the content and methodological support of education, training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, professional multilingual specialists for the architectural, construction and economic sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KAU combines a multi-level educational system (school-college-university) with curriculums of all levels of specialist training that are harmonized with each other.
KAU is the only member of the Association of American Universities and Colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan - a center for the wide dissemination of the merits of the American education model and the introduction of the best achievements and standards of American universities. KAU - the first of the universities of Kazakhstan in 1998 introduced the credit system of education in the educational process. It is a center for training specialists, freely adapting to any socio-economic and business sphere.
Strategy for the internationalization of the Kazakh-American University until 2020, developed in 2011, and is aimed at the development of international activities in all areas of the university. The strategy contributes to the competitive development of Kazakhstani education, professional and personal growth of the young generation by training comprehensively developed specialists freely oriented in a competitive environment, who in the context of globalization will use the advantages of Kazakhstan to integrate its economic and scientific potential in the domestic and international markets.
Training of strategic managers who are able to design and manage business processes focused on global competitiveness. Import and effective implementation of the world's best educational technologies in the national educational system.
It includes such strategic areas as
1. Development of external relations with foreign universities and international organizations
2. Inter-university cooperation in the development of educational programs
3. Academic mobility of students
4. Academic mobility of teachers and staff
5. Internationalization of research and initiatives
6. Formation of the Fund of raised funds (Fundraising) on the basis of project implementation
7. Strengthening the positive image of the university in the eyes of society and international partners