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5 september 2017
Dear first-year students!

 "Knowledge Day" is a traditional holiday for the Kazakh-American University, which signify the beginning of a new academic year.

For the University, the "Day of Knowledge" is an event at which new students introduced to the university's management, faculties and college, university traditions, student activists. The President of the KAU gives the newly-received students the symbol of this day - the Key of Knowledge. First-year students spend their first meeting with their group mentors, who send and give information about all the opportunities, throughout the training period - the advisors in the bachelor's degree and the curators in the college. Advisors, curators are an inexhaustible source of information, they are the first consultants in all spheres related to teaching students and living in the Students' House. Meetings of advisors, curators with the group are called "curatorial hours".
This day, you receive "Student’s guide-book" - it is your reference book guide in due form which are entered into KAU for students. You will find there a lot of useful information: from the mode of departments’ working hours (libraries, office of the Registrar, the Center of practice and career and public relations, KAU first-aid post, etc.) and rules of settling to the students’ house to the opportunity for studying by university’s grant “Scholarship”. Don't forget to study "The academic calendar of KAU for 2017-2018 academic years"! According to this calendar, you can plan your vacation; you should to know when the term in KAU will be end. Remember, all semesters are important, but the most difficult is the first semester therefore be attentive and listen to everything what you will be told about, "absorb" everything as it is possible as fast as possible!
Our purpose it isn't simple to give you knowledge, our purpose – to teach you to think and work independently, to honor traditions, to respect teachers, to well study, be useful, to help persons in need, to have many friends, to participate in various competitions. We will try to teach all this you for that time that you will carry out in our university.
            The tradition of KAU – annually to hold a review competitions among students and on "Knowledge Day" to award winners in very important nominations. Nonresident students living in a dormitory and trying to create cleanliness and comfort in their room are worthy of encouragement.To win The Best Group nomination, means that all students of this group have excellent and good progress, together with the curator they actively participated in actions and competitions during all academic year. And of course the main nomination – "The student of year". The winner is a student who isn't simply excellent to study, but also is an example of what we try to obtain from our students – to prove, make what will strengthen image of KAU, to enclose the contribution in development of the university in education, sciences, sport, art, association of the nations, corruption eradication. Following the results of 2016-2017 academic years as winners are recognized:
1.            In the Best Student's Group nomination - group 16-O&EO-904-1c, specialty "Optical and Electronic Equipment" of the Almaty college of communication at KAU. 
2.            In the "Best Student's Room in the House of Students" nomination - the room 206 (among girls), the room №104 (among boys).
3.            In the Student of Year of KAU nomination - Useinova M., the 3rd course student of KAU specialty "Finance".
            "Knowledge Day" is an action which gives the chance to first-year students to join new family – which named "Kazakh-American University".
            Dear first-year students, KAU speaks to you: "Welcome!"
            On behalf of administration of KAU, I congratulate all the colleagues and students with the 20th anniversary of KAU! We wait from our first-year students, active participation in anniversary actions. With new 2017-2018 academic years!
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of KAU
Sarymsakova A.
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