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14 august 2018

On August 8, 2018, the meeting of the KAU competitive commission was held the results of the competition #ЯпоступаюВКАУ.
Unfortunately, many participants did not properly fulfill the conditions of the competition.
And the main conditions were: to tell about their first impressions about KAU and why they chose KAU. The victory was veiled by the creativity of the submission and the unfolding of the response.
And the winner was the enrollee of the KAU, who chose the specialty "Journalism" - Aldoar Aruzhan Aibolatkyzy (@aru_news)
Congratulate! And wish you excellent study!
Also, on the Day of Knowledge, we will receive incentive prizes to all the other participants of the competition!
I'm reporting another good news! Kazakh-American University launches a new contest for KAU enrollee, who have received over 90 points in UNT / KTA: "Kazakh-American University is my choice!"
All you need to do is:
* To remove an interesting and original video or presentation, telling about KAU (advantages of KAU, life of KAU, why chose KAU, etc.)
* Publish on your page in social network (instagram / Facebook) with a hashtag #ЯвыбираюКАУ
* In personal messages write your name.
Participate in the competition until 24.08.2018.
The results of the competition are summarized on August 25, 2018.
All is extremely fair! Participate and win a grant for free education at the Kazakh-American University!
More on the official pages @kau.kz in social networks!


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