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3 march 2018
Dear colleagues!

We hasten to inform you about the seminar-training "Leader in times of change or how to take responsibility for your own life?!" Operator of Pradyumna Singh a member of the Royal family of Jaipur Professor of Jaipur University and Marina Targakova writer, author of many international trainings and seminars on science of relationships.
The leader of today is the image of the wealthy, "the weight" in a circle of friends or in the professional activities of a person who has attained some success by the standards of modern trends. But having dealt in detail in this way, we will find many hidden pains, failures and disadvantages, in many areas of his life. The objective of this workshop will learn to see the difficulties, the potential to develop and turn them into resources. The meeting will consider several of the keys to success in this field, chief among which is a thorough and comprehensive transformation of personality.
This training seminar is scheduled:
5 March 2018 13:00 KazGASA (you need to come in 12:40 - 12:50)
(Free entrance)
I ask all interested staff/ students of KAU/KazGASA university to participate in this event and to inform everyone about the organization.

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