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13 october 2017
Dedication to students

October 3, 2017 in the club "SHELK" activists of the Kazakh-American University conducted a Dedication to students.

The official part of the event included a concert program and a vow of freshmen. At our university there are talented children who sing, dance and play musical instruments.
The speech of students could be appreciated. Each group of freshmen received a nomination for their activity and enthusiasm.
In the informal part, which all the students expected was fun, all of them were dancing.
The solemn speech was delivered by the dean of the university Absattarov G.R. and vice-rector Takenova Zh.S.
They congratulated our freshmen, wishing good luck in the future and handed them their first ID document.
Thanks to MC Panda and DJ Slim, the evening was even more interesting.
We congratulate all first-year students with the official entry into the ranks of KAU students.

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