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1 february 2018
Essay on the presentation of the book "The Orenburg Path of Akhmet Baitursunov".

 On January 30, 2018, in the framework of the national program “Rukhani Zhanhyru” with the support of the Orenburg Charitable Foundation of the Kazakh community of Bai Terek, the Kazakh-American University staff held a roundtable dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the “Alash Party”. During this meeting the Russian local ethnographer Tugay Tatyana Ivanovna presented her book "Orenburg path of Akhmet Baitursunov ", which was published in Orenburg (RF) in the fall of 2017.
The book is written on the basis of unique archival data base and illustrates the activities of the outstanding son of the Kazakh people, poet, scientist, educator, political and public figure Akhmet Baitursynov during his life time in the city of Orenburg. The book traces his path in the period of his formation as a person, when he was still a student of the Orenburg Russian-Kazakh School, and yet beginning teacher and a publisher of the first Kazakh newspaper. That was at the Soviet period when he immediately stood at the helm of the young Kazakh republic as a member of the first Kazakh government and people's commissar enlightenment of the KazUSSR.
The round table meeting was attended by Russian, Polish and Kazakh scientists, well-doers of art. There were made speeches by Russian scientist, Professor Lyubichankovsky S.V., the chairman of the board of the Baiterek Charity Foundation, Taieksheva S.S., and the Polish scientist-turkologist, Cherney V., and others.

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