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16 november 2017
Information message

MOK library Mukhtar Auezov and spiritual revival" holds a meeting with M.M Auezov, the public figure known for the Kazakhstan culturologist and the diplomat, the devoted Mukhtar Auezov's to the 120-year-old "

Venue: hall of the academic council (HAC)
Date: On November 20, 2017 in 11:00 h
Guests: Auezov Murat Mukhtarovich, Candidate of physiological sciences, public figure, culturologist, diplomat.
Kunayev Diar Askarovich, Candidate of Philology head of department Auezovedeniya Instituta of literature of M. Auezov.
Korabay Serikkaza Sybaybayula, Candidate of Philology, associate professor, head of department Abayevedeniya and literatures of a new era of Institute of literature of M. Auezov
Participants: Students of KAZGASA and KAU, PPS. Only 110 people
2017 the literary world of Kazakhstan celebrates anniversary of one of the largest classics of the Kazakh literature of Mukhtar Auezov (1897-1961).
M.O. Auezov was and remains the unsurpassed master of an art word. The prose writer has reached the highest development in the main work of the life - the epic novel "Way of Abay". The tetralogy about a course of life and spiritual growth of the great akyn comprises a panorama of national life without what it is impossible to understand inner world of Abay.
Action purpose:
Implementation of the program of modernization of public consciousness "Rowhani to a zhangyr";
Development of cultural and information consciousness of youth;
Involvement of youth to reading;
Promoting among students of higher education institution of knowledge of the famous writers of Kazakhstan;
In the Program:
1. The report "Life and Mukhtar Auezov's creativity" the associated professor KAZGASA FOOD
2. Performances of M. Auezov, culturologist and diplomat
3. Performances of D.A. Kunayev, head of department Auezovedeniya of Literary institute of M. Auezov
4. Performance of K.S. Sybanbayula, head of department Abayevedeniya and literature of a new era of Institute of literature of M. Auezov
5. The presentation of an exit exhibition of Abay organized by the Museum (Semey) on "Uly gasyrdin uly kemengeri = the Genius of the Kazakh earth".
6. Recitation of Abay by students of KAZGASA and KAU
We invite everyone!
We are always glad to you!
Actions, responsible for carrying out:
Karabalayeva K., Keshubayeva T.
Contact phone: +7(727)309-61-92

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