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6 december 2017
KAU Students became Winners of the International Olympiad in Economics

On November 30, 2017, students of the KAU took part in the International Students' Subject Olympiad in the discipline "Enterprise Economics" at the University of Narxoz for bachelor students of economic specialties of universities 2-4 courses. The Olympiad was organized jointly with the Zhusup Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University.
The students of the 3rd course LF-F (15) 3B and C * Aytakhin Amangeldy, Malik Gaukhar and Saitov Damir in the "Supreme" team took an active part in this Olympiad. The Olympics consisted of three rounds: 1- presentation of the country, city, the university and specialty, 2 round - solution of situational tasks, 3 round - competition of teams: questions and answers. Also, one of the requirements was the presentation of the team and the motto.
Our students in the first round turned out to be the best, Malik Gaukhar conquered the jury members by reading a poem of his own work "Almaty is my destiny", all slides and video presentations were prepared by the students themselves. As a result, our team won in the nomination "For Creative Solution" and took 3rd place. Our team received the Letter of Thanks of the Narxoz University’s Rector.

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