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12 april 2017
“Nauryz-2017” in KAU

One of the brightest and cheerful holidays of spring – “Nauryz”, was held on March 31 at the Kazakh-American University

Every year within the walls of the University there is a “Nauryz” holiday. This year, in addition to the traditional "Nauryz kozhe" and " Pilau", a theatrical contest among employees and teachers of the university was held.
Teachers of KAU showed one of the ancient rites of the Kazakh people - "Tusau kesu" - cutting the baby's fetters.
In one small village, under the symbolic name "Yntymak", all the residents and guests of the holiday gathered. The rite of “Tusau Kesu” began. Honor to make cutting of the baby`s fetters was given to the most dear guests and in our celebration such man was - the President of the IOC Sykhimbayev S.D. The baby walked along the white path and under the traditional Kazakh "Shashu", chose from all the gifts a pen. This choice also became a symbolic, because it was done at the university. The traditional "Bata from aksakal", to all guests of the holiday and to a small child, was said by the associate professor of KAU, Begaliev N.K., and wishes of success sounded from the lips of associate professor KAU Daniyarova D.R.
Like this the teachers of our University, in traditional Kazakh costumes, were able to show their involvement in the culture and traditions of the Kazakh people.
Behind the rich spring “dastarkhan”, with "Nauryz kozhe" and with " Pilau", which all was prepared the administration of the university, the teachers held a cheerful and friendly holiday "Nauryz".



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