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30 november 2017
Olympiads for Pupils and College Students

KAU conducts Olympiads in 6 directions. In Competitions can take part pupils of the 11th classes of secondary schools and graduate students of colleges. The Olympiads will be held in 2 rounds.

1st round of Olympiads to be held online, from 22.12.17 to 16.03.18.

2nd (final) round will be held at the KAU – 17.03.2018.

1. "Future Captains of Business" /Finance, Accounting & Auditing, Economy

2. "Law and Justice" /Law

3. "Journalism – the 4th Power" /Journalism

4. "Culture mediators" /Translation Studies/Аударма ісі

5. "I am the Diplomat of the Planet Earth" /International Relations

6. "I’m a Professional" /Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

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