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21 november 2018
Round table dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the tenge

A round table dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the tenge on the theme: “Introduction history, problems and prospects of the tenge” was held in the KAU conference hall (214 aud.) On November 13, 2018.
Roundtable participants were the Ex-Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Sartbayev Medet Maksutovich, the ex-Advisor to the Chairman of the National Bank Kalizharov Erkin Kabdrakhmanovich, the Deputy Director of the Almaty Branch of the Almaty Branch of the National Bank Shemetova Gulnara Ravilievna, the Chief Specialist of the Almaty Branch Chikanova Bella Maratovna, Ph.D. Begaliev Nurlan Kalaushevich and Doctor of Economics Nurseiit Nurlan Aitkaliuly. The round table was opened by the Director of KAU Campus Dr., Assoc. Prof. Abdykhalykov Kairzhan Sayassatovich.
The moderator of the conference was Dr. Nurseiit.
Listeners were the teachers and students of the KAU, mostly of financial specialties.
The participants of the round table told about the history of the introduction of the tenge, its significance for the economy of Kazakhstan and the implementation of modern economic policy, as well as about today's measures for currency regulation and enforcement of consumer rights. Questions were also raised about currency counterfeiting and how could be protected from it. In addition, today's problems in ensuring the sustainability of the tenge were considered and ways to solve them were proposed.

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