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11 september 2017
The girl who knows 120 poems by heart

The girl who knows 120 poems by heart

There is no Kazakh who hasn't read the poem by the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbayev. We usually read his work when  we look for justice, the truth. Without having learned Abai, we don't learn ourselves. Do you know the person who can read of the genius Abai’s poems by heart, not several one, but 120? This person is a third-course student of the Kazakh-American University Aizada Auezova. If you want to admire her talent, then you should hurry  up to see the competition "Dara Okyrman" , it will take place in the Writers' Union on September 9 at 15:00

You will get acquainted with the most talented reader of Abai who sacredly appreciates his poems. We have contacted the very first winner of a competition " Dara Okyrman Adil Nesipbayev Public figure, the Patriot of the country and we have asked him what values, the purposes and the directions of competition.

- At the beginning the competition " Dara Okyrman " has been devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War and took place in the project "Generation reproduction". The competition is organized by the Writers' Union and the Republican public association "AR SISTEM", and directed the project Galym Zhailybai. The script for the project was written by the 4th course students academy of arts of     T. Zhurgenov. They have disclosed the content and a thought of the works and by that way promoted carrying out fine evening.

- In that first competition I became member of "Dara Okyrman". For all evening poems by poets of the Kazakh steppe have been read, beginning great Abai to extreme Maraltaya. This year the event will take place in honor of the 120th Mukhtar Auyezov's anniversary and the 20th anniversary of the Kazakh-American university. Our main goal is to explain the youth – the program of the President "A prospection: modernization public consciousness". Once again to show and explain values of our people, - Adil Saginbekuly says.  

One of participants of the competition "Dara Okyrman" in this year Aizada Auezova a third -year student of the Kazakh-American university. She studies at "The radio technician, the electronic engineer and telecommunication». Though, her profession is in the technical direction but Aizada's heart wishes the poem. Studying in Satpayev city, Karaganda region in special school she has for the first time learned Abai’s poems  and remembered them  in her memory, here Aizada so remembers:

-     When I studied at school, I participated in the "Abai Readings". Then I knew about 70 Abai's poems by heart. At that time, I won and was sent to Karaganda. I read poems of Abai in three languages. Love for Abai's poems intensified when I came to Almaty. Students’ life in our time are full of wonderful evenings! In this spring I took part in "Miss University" and tried to show values of the nation. According to the requirements of the competition, we had to present our talent. I suggested opening any page of the book Abai and read the beginning of the poem and I continued.

     Reading the poems of Abai is art! And so I think that I justified the confidence of the jury and the audience. Abai and Mukhtar are talented people. Adil aga invited to participate in the contest "Individual Reader, what will be a gift dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Auezov, I know Abai's 120 poems by heart. ‘If I'm lucky I'm going to participate in the contest and try my luck,’- says Aizada.

      Dean of the Kazakh-American University Durya Daniyarova proudly said that Abai's poetry became a companion for Aizada, and she was constantly in the center of public work, she is one and only hope of the President.








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