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16 may 2018
The immense pride and gratitude to The Great Patriotic War's veterans

The Great Patriotic War evokes double feelings in the heart of everybody in our country. On the one hand, this is a triumph of strength, courage, heroism and love for the Motherland, on the other bitterness and regret from the experience of grief. The Great Patriotic War is a huge spiritual wound in human hearts. In the years of the Second World War, our country, like other republics of the USSR, gave everything in order to crush fascism by common efforts. Only few solders have reached Berlin, but the glory of the dead, their names will live in our minds forever. Unfortunately, those heroes are getting lesser every year, veterans of the Great Patriotic War are already very old people. But it was thanks to their incredible feat that our country remained an independent free state, and to honor each of them our sacred duty!
To pay tribute to veterans of the Great Patriotic War the teaching staff of the Kazakh-American University took the initiative and visited the house of veterans on May 9 at the center of special social services # 3. Our professors Begaliev N.K, Rustemova A.T, Salpekov A.S congratulated the heroes on the holiday, expressing words of gratitude and wishes for health and well-being, and also handed out useful gifts on behalf of the KAU team. In the house of veterans today there are 7 participants of the Great Patriotic War: Gushchin Sergey Pavlovich, Smirnova Valentina Petrovna, Tselueva Marina Andreevna, Borisova Maria Antonovna, Pyatiletov Dmitry Akimovich, Golischeva Anna Nikolaevna, Trotsenko Maria Emelyanovna. Many of them told about their exploits, passing on to the youth that huge experience of humanism, culture and respect for other peoples. We remember everyone and appreciate this great victory!

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