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7 march 2018
Training-seminar “Leaders on an era of changes or how to take responsibility of own life?

5th of March 2018 inside the International Educational Corporation took place training-seminar “Leaders on an era of changes or how to take responsibility of own life?” theme. Students from Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering and from Kazakh-American University took part at the seminar. Training leader was a unique duet: Rator Pradiumna Singh – the member of Jaipura royal family, Professor of Japura University and Marina Targakova the writer, author of international trainings and seminars of science of relationship.
The image of the modern leader is a well-to-do, "ponderable" person in the circle of friends or in professional activity, who has achieved certain success and financial well-being. But if we are going to "descry" this happy image, inside we will find a lot of hidden pain, failures and problems in different spheres of life.
During the seminar-training was proposed to consider several keys to success in this field, the main of which is fully developed transformation of personality. The task of the guests was to tell by examples how to learn, how to see the potential for development in the difficulties and turn it into resources.
Students and teachers were thinking about this leadership theme. They were thinking over the words “The world needs unselfish leaders belonging to a high class. Disregarding such leadership, we give up the future, from the present and the past. A leader is one who represents the leaders of the past, who keeps the highest values in the present and who is the guarantee of happiness and prosperity in the future.” Reading these words you start to think about it, but what is the importance of the fact that the leader should represent the leaders of the past, keep the highest values in the present and is this a guarantee of happiness and prosperity in the future? How all of this interconnected and is it so important? After, some thoughts appeared that it is important to take the experience of the past, to store the highest values in the present and only then a bright future is possible!
Students, staff and teachers of KAU and KazGASA thank a lot the invited guests Rator Pradyumna Singh and Marina Targakov for the opportunity to come in contact with such valuable knowledge, and we hope that our meetings will continue. Also together with the Public Association of the project Razum life - students of KAU and KazGASA made a decision to take part in the action - "Hug Mom". The purpose of this action is to recall the values of relations to mothers on the eve of the celebration of women's day, distributing and gluing stickers for cars - with logos "Hug your Mom." The stickers have a barcode, with the help of which everyone has the opportunity to read the basic information of the activity of the Razum life Public Association.

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