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6 june 2017

Within the State program of development of education and science of Republic of Kazakhstan, according to the order of the Minister of Education and Science of RK on involvement of foreign experts, to the IEC (KAU, KAZGASA) for 7 months (till January, 2018) there has arrived to a position of the Dean of FCTIM, the director of Scientific Center doctor Kim Cheng Patrick Low (Singapore) – Ph.D in the field of management and the international business.

Professor has a tremendous professional qualification:
- The marketing specialist / Diploma in the field of marketing, institute of marketing in the Charter, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 1995 (www.cim.uk).
- The diploma in the field of marketing of financial services, Institute of marketing Singapore (MIS) 1993 (www.mis.org.sg).
- MIS/StandardCharteredBankGoldMedal is awarded in 1994.
- The diploma in the field of human resource management, the Singapore institute of management and the Singapore institute of Management of human resources, 1985.
- Certificates in the field of administrative management and O & M, Institute of administrative management (IAM), the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1979.
- Situational leadership. Training Program. Center of studying of leadership, USA 1996.
- The degreed training instructor (Psychological Associations - the Great Britain / the USA) 1992.
- Briggs Myers Indicator (MBTI) Certificate of the Administrator of 1991. Training of instructors, International Motivation of Success, Inc, USA / SMI Singapore (2001/2002)
ü DISC the qualified administrator/certificate of the consultant. Institute of vital motivation, USA, December, 2003.
- The accredited coach on development of skills of conducting effective negotiations. (ENS, Australia).
We invite all students, teachers and the staff of the IEC (KAZGASA, KAU) to the most interesting training professor's seminars which have begun already on May 31 and will weekly pass within seven months!
Welcome to Kazakhstan! Welcome to KAU and KAZGASA, professor Low!
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