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28 november 2011
Goal: to provide dormitory accommodation for 100% of students!

   The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan intends to start construction of a campus in Astana able to accommodate 10 thousand students and in Almaty – with a capacity of 20 thousand beds starting with the next year, as was reported by the Head of the agency Bakytzhan Zhumagulov.

On Monday the Government of Kazakhstan approved the amendments to the legislative acts on the issues of national youth policy, one regulation of which envisaged legislative provision of housing for the students.
“In terms of the Head of the State instruction implementation we now prepare a project of prospective campus construction in Astana able to accommodate 10 thousand students, in Almaty city the campus will be constructed with a capacity of 20 thousand beds. We won’t stop with this. Just now we have drawn up a list and developed a project of reconstruction and repair for many dormitories of our educational institutions,” – told Zhumagulov to the journalists upon completion of the Government session.
He explained that the dormitories’ construction is also planned in some educational institutions possessing the designated land plots. “Additionally we instructed the private institutions of higher education to arrange the accommodation for our students. They should not only provide educational programs but also secure housing,” explained the Minister. In this respect he mentioned that there will be built 14-16 dormitories in the regions.
“We’ll hardly manage to accommodate the whole 100% (of students) in five years. In case if 70-80% of students are secured – this will already be a very good value, even in a worldwide scale. Today the percentage is too low – about 30-35%,” as the Head of the agency specified.
Zhumagulov informed that the large-scale construction is to start with the next year. Over 30 billion tenge are required for these purposes. “As for now we counted about 34 billion (tenge), but the issue is being considered by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy. I think there should be some adjustments,” – he supposed.
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