Students’ Political Club started its activity in 2008. Its objective is to motivate students, mostly “ International Relations” specialty, for international politics research, participation in discussions, and the development of tolerance. Students-members designed the Charter of the Club, according to which any student who wants to share his/her own point of view on vital problems of modernity and to discuss the acute questions of international politics with other participants has the right to be the member of the Club. The first president of the Club was the student of “International Relations” major Kim Gennady.
The Political Club meetings are dedicated to current events: students make analysis of international conflicts and try to find solutions to the problems which require knowledge of theoretical issues. Polemics stimulates public speaking.
The Heads of the Club in different years were the students of “International Relations” major : Pak K., Alexunina K, Belousov S.,Shramko S., Chernyshev V., Abdraimov A., Fedorova N., Seksenbaeva D. The Club ofen takes part in corporate publications.
The Political Club has various forms and kinds of its activity directed to further improvements of its work. In addition to monthly meetings with planned agenda, students worked at the project “Generation of the 21 century: Problems and Perspectives”.
Discussion “Results and Lessons of the Second World War: 65 years later” was devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


One of the forms of meetings is “round table” format where members of the Club discuss acute problems.
The Political Club actively cooperates with Diplomatic Club of KIMEP, S.Demirel University, KazEU. These universities are participants of the ModelUN and other simulation games. For example , in November 2009 KIMEP hosted Model NATO game where the team of the Political Club presented the viewpoints of different states on the problem of disarmament; in 2010- Model UN game was held with UN representatives support. Experience of participation in various events, founded by the initial members of the Club, was gone on by the next generations of Political Club members. The students participate in various simulation games in different universities and city organizations.
In 2010-11 academic year students of the Club were involved into the activity of the international analytic group devoted to the problems of South Caucuses and Central Asia initiated by NUPI- Norwegian Institute of International Relations in Oslo. The initiator of this participation was Golikova V.I. - member of this international analytical group. Students Fedorova A. and Chernyshev V.- both students of the “International Relations” major were the most active participants of the project. The experience received by Fedorova A. in the Club gave her chance to enter the magistrate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
Since 2012 the Club initiated the Model UN games in our university. Honorable guests have been invited to take part in these events; among them – famous political leaders, representatives of international organizations, including UN. Gradually, the Club came into the international area. In 2013 first time in the Club’s history two members of the Political Club Seksenbaeva D. and Baimukhambetova D. were invited to take part in the International Model UN game in Kiev.



In 2013-2014 academic year the Club went on tradition of discussions. One of the discussion was held in the form of the “round table” with the agenda “Challenges and Threats of Contemporary World”. The dispute “The Country and We in 2050” reveals the students’ interest in the programme of future development of our country, proposed by President N. Nazarbaev. In November 2013 members of the Club Abish M. and Tovkacheva E. took part in the International Political Game in S. Demirel University and received certificates of participants.
Political Club is in the search of new forms of work, thus, former graduates and former members of the Club are invited to the Club meetings. Kim Gennady, graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, presented his dissertation, answered the members’ questions concerning international relations. Shramko S., the former member and active participant of the Club, often is the guest of its meetings.


Members of the Club- senior students share their experience with junior students. In 2014-2015 academic year the 3d year student of the major “International Relations” Abish an active member of the Club gave some recommendations for the first- year students on participation in students’ mobility program. He also shared his impressions on UN Model Game participation held in Rome. More experienced students train other students for UN Model Game for university and city level games (Skorikov A., the 3d course of “International Relations”)
In February 2015 special meeting was devoted to Paris events. The main reporter was Luchkina Evgenia – graduate of “International relations” major, master of Sorbonna University. The discussion was concentrated on the topic “Je suis Charlie – humiliation of believers or freedom of speech”?

In April 2015 the Club together with the Journalism studio arranged the essays competition devoted to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory in the war. Mainly the first-year students took part in the contest.
The Political Club is the excellent opportunity for students to come closer to their future profession.