The order of settling in the Students' House.

Issues about living in the Students’ house are considered by a special commission for settling in the Students' House.
The commission for settling in the Students' House at the faculties (in colleges) should include deans (directors of colleges), deputy deans (directors of colleges), student deans or chairmen of student councils, advisers.
The deans of faculties and the directors of colleges, when considering applications for commissions, strictly adhere to the approved Criteria for Settlement:
Commission for settling in the Students 'House comprehensively and objectively, in strict accordance with the Criteria for Priority of Providing Places for Students in the House of IEC Students, consider the applications of applicants for receiving the rooms, taking into account the number of places allocated to the faculty (colleges) in the Students' House and make a decision: "settle" or “ refuse "(indicating the reason for the refusal) on the basis of the decision of the protocol. In addition, the commission draws up a list of candidates for settling in accordance with the order of priority.
In order to settle into the hostel, you must perform the following procedures:
1) The student applies for settling in the name of the Rector of the IOC with the visas of the dean of the faculty (the director of the college), the specialists of the PR, FEO;
2) The application with visas is provided to the corresponding dean's office or the management of the colleges of KazGASA, AKS at KAU (hereinafter referred to as colleges);
3) Responsible Secretaries of Admission Commissions are required to familiarize applicants with the terms and procedure for settling in the Students' House;
4) Prior to the commencement of the procedure for issuing residence orders in the Students 'House, the SH Director shall provide the dean's office with a list of available places in the Students' House, taking into account the transferring contingent in the faculties and colleges;
5) On the appointed day (the last week of August before the beginning of the school year in the new academic year), the deans and heads of colleges conduct a meeting of the commission for settling in the Students' House, where all applications are considered;
6) Following the meeting of the commission, a residence permit (hereinafter referred to as an order) is issued, no later than 3 days after the commission meeting;
7) The order is registered in the "Order registration register" in the dean's office of the faculty (directorate of colleges).
Settlement order:
1) Settling in the rooms of DS for students (trainees) of 1,2,3 years turn according to the criteria for the sequence of seats (the contingent to September 5);
from August 23 to August 28
2) Settling in students' rooms courses for 4, 5, 6 courses according to the Ranking Criteria for Placement from August 28 to September 5
3) The student (trainee), after receiving the order, goes to the director of the Students' House to get a room in the room and check in. The student (trainee) should have:
- an application with visas and a decision of the commission;
- an order with a stamp and a doctor's signature of the medical center;
- a copy of the identity card;
- a copy of the receipt for payment of utility services for the academic period (semester, academic year);
- photo 3x4 cm (4pcs).
4) The Director of the Students 'House registers the populated student on the basis of the warrant, issues the keys to the room, explains the conditions for settling in, rules for living in the Students' House, concludes with him a contract of material responsibility for the preservation of material values, this contract is annually renewed according to the act of acceptance and transfer (1 copy of the contract and the certificate is issued to the student).
5) During the winter holidays, students, except for foreign students, as well as persons who live with the consent of the rector are required to vacate the rooms and move out until December 30. The return from January 19 to January 21.
6) All students residing in the House are required to undergo temporary registration at their place of residence. Registration deadlines are from 05 September to 05 October.
7) Controversial issues arising between tenants and the management of the Students' House are considered by the pro-rector for exploitation. In the case of failure to reach agreement, disputable issues are resolved by the rector or the president.
8) For master students and students in correspondence courses, accommodation in the Students' House can be provided on a fee basis, subject to availability.

The procedure for evicting students from the House and clearing the occupied living space

Eviction from the Students 'House is carried out on the basis of the decision of the commission on the petition of the Director of the Students' House, the dean of the faculty, is formalized by the order of the rector in the following cases:
- in case of violation of the Internal Regulations (IR) and Rules of Residence in the Students' House within 24 hours after drawing up the Violation Act;
- when moving from room to room without the permission of the SH Director; in case of non-residence without valid excuse in a fixed room for more than one week in accordance with the raid inspection act;
- for academic underachievement and financial indebtedness;
- for violation of the terms of the Training Agreement;
In case of eviction, tenants take all the goods and materials transferred to them for use upon arrival in accordance with the act of acceptance and transfer.
When the student is evicted during the academic year, the SH director sends information about the eviction with an indication of the reason to the reception of the rector and to the corresponding dean's office (the college's directorate). Dean (director) issues a warrant for settlement in order of priority from the number of candidates for settlement.
In case of malicious violations of the Rules, underage tenants (students of the college) and 1 bachelor course requiring eviction from the Students 'House, the residents may be evicted in the presence of their parents. Before the arrival of parents live on a paid basis, according to the approved tariffs.
At the expiration of the warrant period, tenants perform cosmetic repairs in the rooms (painting, whitewashing, general cleaning) and vacate the occupied living space within 3 working days.
Rules for living in the Students' House
Students live in the living room on the basis of the warrant.
According to the Rules for Registration and Withdrawal of Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, established by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students residing in the Students' House
must register at the place of temporary residence before the first October. For non-registered students from October 1, stay on a paid basis for a month, then eviction (from November 1).
Students bear the financial responsibility for temporary possession of the property entrusted to them, as evidenced by the contract on full liability and the act of acceptance and transfer of the property of the living room, joint responsibility for the safety of public property.
Students are obliged to comply with the internal regulations of the DS, the decisions of the student council and other management services, in full and conscientiously perform their duties in all types of duty.
Entrance to the Student's Home is carried out by passes from 6.00 to 12.00 hours; the entry of unauthorized persons - strictly with the provision of identity documents at a specified time. Accommodation of visiting relatives in the Student House is prohibited.
Residents living in the House of Students are required to keep their room and public facilities in a clean and proper sanitary and hygienic state.
The appearance of students in a state of intoxication is unacceptable.