Absattarov Galymzhan Raushanbekovich 

He was born on February 18, 1979 in Alma-Ata. In 2000 he graduated the faculty of law of the ASU named after Abay ,  the specialty "Jurisprudence" . He also graduated the financial and economic faculty of the ASU named after Abay. In the period from 2000-2004 he studied at the post-graduate course of ASU named after Abay on the specialty "Political Science". In 2010 he defended his thesis on "Political Analysis of the Legal Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan". 


2007-2009         Director of the Department of automation of scientific techno-  

                             logical   developments  at  the  D.A. Kunayev Mining Institute 

                             (  National  Center  on  Complex  Processing  Mineral   Raw 

                              Materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan ); 

2009-2012          Deputy Director for education at the Kyzyl-Orda state college «Kyzmet»; 

2012-2014          Deputy Director  for  education  of   the Faculty of History   at  the  Abay  

                             Kazakh National Pedagogical University; 

2015-2017          Deputy Director for science and international relations of the Institute of philology and             multilingual at the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University. 

2012-2017         Associate professor of the Department of political science and social 

                             Philosophic disciplines at the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University.  


Up to 90 publications, up to 30  abroad and 2 monographs. 


•One year  research internship at the Leicester University and at the UIC (UK, Spain) by the program "Bolashak"; 

•A 76 – hour training course on «Contemporary international Relation and ethnic problems» at the Freiburg pedagogical university, (Germany); 

• A training course for teachers "Orleu", Ministry of education and science; 

·        A training course on teaching methods at the Newcastle University (UK).                    

Also, he participated republican conferences, seminars, round tables as well as abroad. 



Tagviashvili Natalia S., Professor’s assistant at CAU, vakulina_kau@mail.ru
Readable disciplines: Arabic, introduction to journalism, conflict media teleradiojournalism and others.
Experience in administrative positions (Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Vice-Dean for Research and methodical work, the Chairman of the Methodological Council) .In post of chairman of the MS in 2012. Free guided all aspects of the organization of educational process on credit technology, methods of teaching at the university. Constantly improve their skills at national and international level.
Developer manuals on disciplines of the specialty "Journalism".
She is a member of international scientific conferences, has about 20 publications.
As the supervisor of student work, she won awards at national and international conferences. (Mazhitova Anna journalistic competition "Ansar" under the International Media Forum, held by the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan in the category "Best Young Journalist of the Year" 2013, 2014)
Successfully engaged in social and educational work among the students, led by the work of the "Studio of journalism."
She was awarded twice by representative of the government in the Honorary Diploma of Almaty for her contribution in the training of qualified specialists (in 2007 and 2012).
In the 2013-14 academic year she was awarded with diploma of the first degree " The Best methodologist of the year."