Preparatory courses have been in effect since 2001.

The preparatory courses attendee will gain extended and profound knowledge in disciplines according to the university programs approved.

The purpose of the PC is the improvement of level of the attendees’ knowledge in general as well as major disciplines which are defined for the entrance examinations for the admission to the RK institutions of higher education.

The PC tasks include teaching English, computer literacy, basic subjects of the American school 12th year as well as the first year of the Kazakhstan institution of higher education.

Regular duration of the in-service study – 12 weeks. Educational process of the PC is held according to the attendees group staffing (at least 15 persons) and shall be arranged into two flows each lasting 12 weeks. Applications are to be submitted from September till May.

Admission requirements for the preparatory courses.

Everyone possessing secondary education, students of colleges, gymnasiums, 11th year of the secondary school, may be admitted to the preparatory courses. Entrants must have full secondary or vocational secondary education acknowledged by the certificate or diploma of the standard form; statement from the place of study for the students of 11th year.

Upon the completion of PC attendee has to possess sufficient knowledge in the disciplines studied enough to be admitted to the institution of higher education and meet the following requirements:

• know the history of Kazakhstan’s establishment as a state;

• have knowledge of Kazakh (Russian) in the sphere of social and everyday communication and be able to use them on the secondary education level;

• have knowledge of the initial branches of mathematics on the secondary education level and be able to use them for the mathematical problems solving;

• have a general idea of the basic computer science and be able to use the computer;

• have a required minimum knowledge of English within the scope of the secondary education advanced course;

• have extended idea of basic disciplines of the higher education specialization chosen by him.

Academic load and time budget.

Teaching of the preparatory courses attendees shall be pursuant to the curriculum consisting of two blocks: comprehensive and special disciplines which are defined for the entrance examinations for the admission to the institutions of higher education.

The history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, computer science, Kazakh (Russian) language and English are included in the curriculum as comprehensive disciplines.

Special consideration while studying on the PC is given to the advancement of attendees’ knowledge of special disciplines. Studies are carried out in the afternoon 3 hours a day.

Upon the courses completion attendees shall pass exams in the form of comprehensive testing.

Attendee may receive additional education in English and computer science.

Highly qualified teachers of KAU and KazGASA will professionally prepare You for the UNT passing in every subject:

• Mathematics

• History of Kazakhstan

• Kazakh and Russian language

• Major subject (geography, English, physics, chemistry, World history, painting, technical drawing)

We offer You Russian and Kazakh languages for the foreigners; Russian, Kazakh and English languages of instruction.

The major disciplines preparatory courses for the admission to KazGASA are held in the KazGASA premises in specialized lecture halls.
Duration of courses – 3, 6 and 7 months.
Studies are carried out in groups.