The Board of trustees of KAU was established with the KAU rector’s office in order to ensure active cooperation with public, provide financial support and upgrade the KAU material and technical facilities.
      Establishment and functioning of the Board of trustees has been implemented within the framework of the Law of the RK “On Education” from July 27, 2007 and the Order of the Minister of Education and Science dated October 22, 2007 “On approval of the model rules of the Board of trustees activities and the procedure of its election”.

The Board of trustees constitutes a voluntary association of individuals and legal entities and is a collegial deliberative body to support and facilitate the educational and economic activities of KAU. In its practice the Board of trustees is guided by the Republic of Kazakhstan Government Resolutions, Statute of KAU, Regulation on the Board of trustees of KAU and other regulatory documents of the governmental authorities. The Board of trustees promotes more effective cooperation with the local authorities, mass media, institutions, organizations and specialized enterprises.

It is important to note that the Board of trustees’ main purpose is:
• - Effective use of the personnel and students of KAU intellectual potential for the benefit of the Republic of Kazakhstan, promoting further development of KAU via rendering necessary financial aid and organizational support to it.

The following tasks are set forth in order to achieve the purpose mentioned:
- National policy in the field of education implementation within KAU; determining the strategy and tactics of the KAU development;
- Facilitating KAU with respect to its entering into the international educational system; top priority support of the fundamental science and preferred directions in the field of new technologies development;
- Assistance in the elite higher education provision to those persons who have shown excellent abilities;
- Creation of the optimum conditions for the students and academic staff of KAU in order to satisfy their need in intellectual and cultural advancement;
- Design of the innovative programs of KAU development;
- Promotion the KAU educational-scientific as well as material and technical facilities improvement;
- Creation of the own Fund to provide sponsorship for KAU;
- Establishment of the Board of trustees’ special scholarship Fund to provide social support for the talented students, including those who are orphans and children from low-income families;
- Support of activities of the KAU Association of graduates (AG);
-Carrying out the public control over the educational process participants’ rights observance and special-purpose contributions and voluntary donations from the legal entities use for the needs of KAU.

Pursuant to the Regulation on the Board of trustees it can be comprised of representatives of the governmental institutions and authorities, representatives of the local executive and representative bodies, mass media, parents, representatives of the Association of graduates as well as the companies and investing organizations providing financial, legal, organizational and other support.

Meetings of the Board of trustees shall be held twice a year, in spring and autumn.
The purposes and tasks set by the body with respect to facilitating the university in continuous increase of the education quality and in its compliance with the best world standards will allow KAU to graduate competitive staff not only for the local service market but also enable our graduates to develop international level successfully.

Generally, the Board of trustees as a body regulating the educational system activity within KAU, shall promote better securing the constitutional rights of the Kazakhstan citizens and primarily the youth of our country for the quality education.

Photo gallery:Meeting of the Board of trustees of KAU

A regular meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees of KAU!
A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the Palace of Celebrations "Miras" on June 12, 2018 at 13:00. On the agenda:
1. Report on the activities of members of the Board of Trustees for the 2017-2018 academic year. Renewal of the composition of the Board of Trustees of KAU.
2. Discussion and conclusions of the meeting


List of member of the Board of Trustees of KAU