The MBA - Master of Business Administration

The purpose of the MBA core area is preparation of professional managers with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of business. Graduates of this program acquire the ability to effectively manage the company in a competitive market.
Studying MBA, master-students:
• learn the basic economic and management disciplines;
• study the global business environment;
• develop the ability to make strategic decisions;
• study the business processes within the organization;
• develop leadership skills.
Theoretical and practical training, qualification for the MBA program gives you the right to exercise a new kind of professional activity and management positions as senior and middle managers in companies and organizations.
During training master students go for foreign scientific training in a number of countries to our partner universities.
The advantage of the KAU at training MBA is orientation to European quality and standards of education, especially in view of Kazakhstan's business.
Classes are held in a modern building with technically equipped classrooms and a specialized library.
Our master students have practice in reputed companies and corporations, where they get acquainted with the modern methods of management.
After completion of the master degree in "Management" graduates receive a state diploma.