Sports club carries out its activities in the field of academic classes in the discipline of “Physical education” arrangement and conducting, arrangement of work of the sports groups for the pupils, students and KAU staff.

   The main task of the Sports club is to promote healthy way of life, develop various sports and to engage students, KAU and its structural subdivisions’ personnel in the sports activities.

Sports base of KAU consists of:
·            large hall for the team sports: volleyball, basketball, futsal and tennis;
·            small hall for the aerobic, ballroom dance, martial arts and table tennis classes;
·            gym equipped with the modern exercise machines;
·            ballet room for the choreography classes and defile ;
·            volleyball and basketball summer playgrounds;
The sports base is equipped with comfortable changing rooms and shower rooms.


 There are permanent sports groups in the Sports club in the following sports:

·            basketball;
·            futsal;
·            table tennis;
·            volleyball;
·            tennis;
·            bodybuilding;
·            aerobics;
·            shaping.
Competitions are held within the framework of the KAU Spartakiad alongside with the match games with the students of other educational institutions and international matches.
Activities are performed with respect to the non-conventional sports development such as shaping and eastern martial arts. The training sessions are held by highly qualified specialists.

 For the students to keep in mind!

·            The MCC statements – exemption from the physical education classes’ attendance shall be presented at the beginning of the academic year within one month.
·            The MCC statements – exemption from the state examinations for the 9-th year shall be presented before May 1 of the academic year.
·            Medical statements on illness, received from other polyclinics must be proved by the medical record, statements from the hospital – by the notices from the inpatient department. Such statements shall be presented within 3 days.
·            The (MCC and on illness) statements should be certified by the physician of the KAU clinic.
·            Students are to undergo routine medical examination annually (photofluorography and micro-test, examination by the specialists).
·            Students being registered with the dispensary department in the polyclinic at the place of residence or in the private clinic with the chronic pathology shall be under medical treatment twice a year (in autumn and in spring) and present the statement to the KAU clinic doctor.
·            Students of ages subject to the decree must be immunized.
Head of the Sports club – Yanshina Tatyana Alekseevna