Students’ Self-government Committee of KAU (SSC) represents a voluntary association of the university youth arranged in the form of public organization of youth.

SSC is a public organization acting in the sphere of youth policy, managing the creative and social life of its members, the students of KAU. The SSC activity relies on the principles of voluntary participation, equality of its members, self-government, legality and openness.





The main purpose of the SSC is to create conditions for the favorable development and promotion of student youth subject to the national youth policy and the Kazakhstan development strategy implementation.

The SSC tasks include:

  • -          representation and protection of the social and cultural interests of the KAU youth;
  • -          development of patriotism to Kazakhstan, the system of ideals, regulations and values in the mind of the youth;
  • -          promotion of national unity of Kazakhstan citizens among the student youth;
  • -          explanatory work among the youth as for the reforms being carried out in the republic;
  • -          fostering of an active stance among the youth regarding to the civil society and a state of law development;
  • -          healthy way of life promotion among the youth;
  • -          cooperation with the republican and international youth organizations; 
  • -          the youth leisure management;
  • -          facilitating the research potential of the student youth;
  • -          the students creative potential development;
  • -          promotion of the KAU image, development of a sense of love to the university on the part of youth as well as activity with respect to the alma mater reputation enhancement.






The Chairman of the SSC shall be elected for one year at the beginning of the year (before October 1) by way of alternative secret ballot at the general meeting by the group and faculty leaders pursuing the Bachelor’s degree, ACC and the School affiliated with KAU; afterwards his candidacy shall be approved by the order of the President of KAU.


The Chairman of the SSC:

  • ·         Directly supervises all the work performed by SSC.
  • ·         Implements the action plans approved, ensures the students participation in various events held by the university as well as public actions.
  • ·        Represents the interests of students in their relations with the governmental and non-governmental organizations, enterprises, institutions, other individuals and legal entities.             
  • ·         Is entitled on behalf of the SSC to make statements, solicit, sign various documents related to the SSC activities carrying out.                                                   
  • ·         In the name of the SSC shall report to the rector’s office of its activities.
  • ·         Gathers a team of SSC and administers its activities.







Students’ adaptation service (hereinafter – SAS) is created affiliated with the SSC of KAU. The major purpose of the SAS activity is psychological adaptation and informational support for the newly admitted students of the first years of study.



The SAS main activity is aimed at the facilitation of the students youth adaptation through:

  • ·         the students informing about the history and structure of KAU;
  • ·         familiarizing the students with the credit system of education peculiarities;
  • ·         involving the students into the social life of KAU and the city;
  • ·         preparation of brochures, booklets, leaflets containing the information required for the students’ adaptation for the publication;
  • ·         familiarizing the students with the activities of the KAU public organizations (students dean’s offices, the leaders council, debate club);
  • ·         familiarizing the students with the hobby groups and sports groups’ activities;
  • ·         familiarizing the students with the Internal rules and regulations;
  • ·         making the students acquainted with the advisers and academic groups’ curators;
  • ·         making the students acquainted with the deans of the faculties and the structural subdivisions’ heads.



Upon the presentation of the vice-rector of external links and student issues (hereinafter referred to as the vice-rector of ELaSI), the Student’s adaptation service coordinator (hereinafter – coordinator) shall be appointed by order of the President, and further introduced to the SSC staff.



Basic functions of the SAS and coordinator are:

  • ·         development of the long-term and current action plans of SAS;
  • ·         coordination of the activity of the SEW dean, faculty leaders, student dean of the ACC and the Chairman of the School leaders’ council;
  • ·         arrangement of actions aimed at the first year students adaptation;
  • ·         provision of the consultative assistance to the students on the issues of their rights protection;
  • ·         petition to the university faculties’ administration concerning the financial and moral incentives to the students of the first year who are actively engaged in the public activities; financial aid to the students in need;
  • ·         bringing to the knowledge of the deans of the faculties, public organizations of the university the students requests, violations of the class discipline and Internal rules and regulations of KAU;
  • ·         participation in the meetings of the faculty deans’ offices and the Educational work council on the issues related to the first years students;
  • ·         ability to get access to the information of the deans’ offices and the Registrar’s office related to the data on students’ performance;
  • ·         presenting monthly reports on his activities to the vice-rector of ELaSI, annual report – to the President (at the end of the academic year after being approved by the vice-rector of ELaSI).




SAS interacts with the KAU faculties and subdivisions through:

  • ·         the “Introduction to the profession” lectures delivering by the academic professors of the faculties;
  • ·         talks with the representatives of the deans’ offices, the Registrar’s office about the tuition fees, rating control of the academic performance, teaching process schedule and the procedure of academic and examination sessions carrying out as well as the Retake passing;
  • ·         talks with the library staff concerning the book stock use;
  • ·         with the Students house (SH) director and the Chairman of the SH Council – on the accommodation rules, day regimen, duties and voluntary Saturday works performance;
  • ·         with the KAU clinic – concerning the students’ routine preventive examinations, first aid provision and various diseases treatment;
  • ·         with the SSC representatives – about the social life of students, their participation in different projects and programs;
  • ·         with the LC staff – on the language courses taught in KAU;
  • ·         with the FED personnel – concerning the system of payment and penalties;
  • ·         with the Admission committee – about the career guidance activities;
  • ·         with the officials of the ID and IaCC – on the exchange programs, summer camp programs, centers for the internship and on the employment.





1. The faculty leader shall be elected for one year at the beginning of the year (before October 1) by way of alternative secret ballot at the general meeting under the chairmanship of the dean of the faculty and with the participation of the Chairman of the SSC among the students with best academic performance and socially active students of such faculty.

2. The resolution of the general meeting shall be deemed to be valid if there are present 2/3 of the list members of the general meeting.

3. The minutes of the general meeting for the faculty leader election shall be submitted to the dean of the faculty, and on its base the faculty dean’s directive will be issued as for the faculty leader appointment.

4. The faculty leader reports directly to the Chairman of the SSC, the dean of the faculty and becomes a member of SSC.

In the event of improper performance of his obligations the Chairman of the SSC shall make a proposal of the faculty leader reelection at the general meeting.



The faculty leader is obliged to:

  • -          hold meetings of the faculty academic groups’ leaders weekly;
  • -          participate in the work of meetings, conferences of the SSC and the student core group of the faculty with respect to the outstanding issues of the faculty students;
  • -          monitor the faculty students’ academic performance, state of the class discipline in the faculty;
  • -          bring to the knowledge of the faculty academic groups’ leaders the information coming from SSC and to supervise the completion of tasks set by it;
  • -          promptly provide the information from the faculty academic groups’ leaders to the SSC knowledge according to their specific activity;
  • -          upon the SSC request provide full report on the results of his work carried out;
  • -          take measures to prevent offenses and to ensure observance of the Internal rules and regulations of KAU by his faculty students;
  • -          take measures to fight the substance dependence and drug-dealing within the faculty;
  • -          facilitate the students’ leisure management; take an active part in the social life of the faculty and university involving the students of own faculty.

The faculty leader is entitled to:

  • -          enforce the tasks set by the SSC completion by the own faculty academic groups’ leaders; in case of any irresponsibility – to solicit the dean of the faculty and the SSC for the relieving of the academic group leader from his duties and the replacement thereof;
  • -          at the general meeting of the SSC to make own proposals concerning the improvement of working with the faculty core group and the youth policy development within KAU.
  • -          in the name of the faculty students to address the SSC administration on the outstanding issues;
  • -          send a petition to the faculty administration regarding to the financial and moral incentives to the faculty students who are actively engaged in the public activities; financial aid to the faculty students in need (low-income);
  • -          publish in the KAU newspaper the articles on the students’ problems in the faculty;
  • -          on his own initiative and as agreed with the SSC to carry out actions in the faculty;
  • -          have priority of free attendance of classes if the appropriate requirements (excellent performance, petition from the Chairman of the SSC) as specified in the Rules of procedure of the teaching process and internship, are met;
  • -          claim for the top-priority award of the special scholarship of KAU “Scholarships”, grants and scholarships of the Board of trustees of KAU as well as allowances provided by the KAU administration in various fields related to the student youth;
  • -          to attend the training courses with the KAU on preferential basis.