When linguistic center employs highly qualified teachers KAU Kazakhstan and CIS and foreign countries. All teachers use their teaching methods.

The teaching staff "LC at KAU" has all the qualities necessary for your successful learning:

All of our teachers have a basic specialized education - linguistic and pedagogical - and regularly undergo training in related fields: psychology, methodology transfer. We are aware of all the novelties of language education and to apply all the best achievements in their daily work.

 The experience of our staff is impressive: they are graduates of the best universities of Kazakhstan- KazNU Named after Al

– Farabi, Kazakh Abylai khan University of International Relations and World Languages, KIMEP - who have experience of participation in international programs and projects, are carried out translation work. Every day we work with the audience, train, is in direct contact with native speakers and those who study foreign languages.


Every day we enrich their experience and knowledge and share it with our students and colleagues. Age of our employees is not more than 35 years. This means that we are young and energetic, with the flexibility of thinking in order to find an approach to any student, however, we have the professional experience, allowing competently, responsibly and effectively solve the problem of language learning.